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“The natural healing force in each one of us is the greatest force in getting well” - Hippocrates (Father of Medicine)

Understanding health from the lens of nature cure, simplified our daily choices. We have experienced the magic of our bodies healing when we made those choices. We came across many people who had made similar changes and overcame severe health challenges.

So, came the question, if health is natural and simple, why is this knowledge not more common place? Why don’t we know about others… why don’t we have a place to interact, learn, and share our experiences about natural health?

This is where the idea of Wellcure was born.

At Wellcure our vision is to transform the health map of India through application of Nature's laws. We want to make natural health mainstream and a day-to-day experience.  We want to encourage, support and inspire people to take charge of their health.

Our mission is to build India’s largest natural health community.

We imagine a world where we can touch 1 million lives… people who can come forward to share their real life experiences of overcoming various health issues through natural lifestyle changes.

Our motto … 'Learn, connect, simplify your health naturally'!!

  What is Wellcure?

Wellcure is your companion, guide and most trusted ally in your pursuit of health and wellness.

We believe health is a natural state of being. It is harmony of body, mind and spirit.

We know journey for optimum health is challenging today.

The sea of conflicting information requires light house of insights. The lack of direction requires compass of practical solutions. The storm of crisis needs anchors.

We will provide you with health insights, recipes and access to health community and learning opportunities to evolve.

We promise to make your journey smooth, engaging and inspiring.

Welcome aboard!

  What can you do at Wellcure?

We want to make sure our users are able to implement daily health actions consistently. At Wellcure, you can connect with like-minded individuals, who have done natural health changes, and experienced the joy of illness free medicine free life. We will also connect you to the ecosystem of natural health (through coaches, learning modules, vendors and products) so that making daily assured choices around health is easier.

We need to unlearn, re-learn, refocus and simplify the approach to food and health. Here is what you can do at Wellcure…


Know more about Natural Laws

  • Learn about body’s healing mechanism
  • Clarify your doubts about health
  • Understand nature’s design for your health


With community to ask and get inspired

  • Ask and find solutions to day to day transition challenges
  • Read health transformation journeys
  • Tips to tackle health crisis through food and lifestyle change


Make actual changes in daily life

  • Find healthy recipes and watch DIY videos
  • Ask about healthier ingredients and food options, cooking techniques
  • Learn to build a wellness kitchen at home