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Say goodbye to restrictive diets, calorie counting, and quick-fix solutions, and embrace a holistic approach that supports your body, mind, and spirit on your journey to lasting wellness.


Welcome to Wellcure's Holistic Healing Program for Healthy Weight Management!

At Wellcure, we believe in a holistic approach to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight naturally. Our program combines the wisdom of traditional healing practices with modern nutritional science to help you achieve your weight management goals in a sustainable and nourishing way.

Our program includes personalized meal plans, delicious and nutritious recipes, mindful eating practices, gentle detoxification techniques, stress management strategies, and lifestyle recommendations tailored to your unique needs and preferences.

Join us on the path to holistic healing and discover the joy of nourishing your body, mind, and soul for vibrant health and vitality!

1-On-1 Personal Coaching
On-Demand Courses

1-on-1 Personal Coaching

Gain Weight Naturally

Resolve ‘Low Weight’ issues, Gain weight healthily without protein powders or bulking up for hours in the gym. Also improve your gut health, sleep quality, de-stress and relieve anxiety.

Discounted Price: INR ₹3,500/-
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Holistic Weight Loss

We will help you live and eat as per nature’s design to shed extra weight and teach you to maintain it easily too! In addition to losing weight, expect to experience a deep detox of your mind and body.

Discounted Price: INR ₹874/- Onwards
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Natural Detox & Wellness

Deep detox for a month and effectively remove toxins, the cause of all diseases, from your body. If you have been battling digestive issues, insomnia, skin problems, headache, bloating, acidity, or memory issues, then you need a detox! Discover the right food combinations, a balanced intake of raw & cooked meals,  circadian rhythm-based eating for flushing out all toxins from your body.

Discounted Price: INR ₹874/- Onwards
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Natural & Holistic Healing

This coaching program helps you smoothly transition to a natural lifestyle that you can easily follow for life, to maintain good health & well-being forever. LIVE calls, WhatsApp support, customized diet & lifestyle plan as per your health profile. Expect to achieve your natural weight, boost immunity, improve digestive health, sleep better, feel calmer & lighter. 

Discounted Price: INR ₹1,249/- Onwards
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On-Demand Courses

1-Month Yoga For Natural Weight Loss

A 1-Month Course Tone Up Your Body & Lose Weight With Yoga. You Will Learn Targeted Exercises To Work On Stubborn Areas Such As The Abdomen, Core, Arms & Lower Body.

Discounted Price: INR 399/-
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10-Day Natural Body Detox

Remove the cause of all diseases from your body - Toxins. Give your organs a chance to rest and recover. Follow 1 new health challenge daily for 10 days, follow plant-based eating and lifestyle &  step-by-step guidance

Discounted Price: INR ₹499/-
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