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Learn To Live  Disease-Free Life Naturally!

25 & 26 June (Sat-Sun) | 10:00 AM - 4:30 PM (IST)

JustBe Cafe, Bangalore


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Learn About The Natural Principles of Diet, Lifestyle And Therapies
To Optimize Your Health, Reverse Diseases Without Medicines & Live Sustainably!

What To Expect?

  • 8 Natural Lifestyle Training Sessions Led By Qualified Experts
  • Whole, Oil-Free Plant-Based, Delicious Meals
  • Natural Skin & Hair Care 
  • Techniques of Whole Food Plant Based Cooking
  • Intentional Meditation & Stress Reduction Techniques
  • Inspiring Natural Healing Stories

This Workshop Is For You, If:

  • You Want To Explore The World Of Natural Healing
  • You Want To Learn How To Cook & Eat Healthy Vegan Food
  • You Are Tired Of Taking Medicines & Wish To Get Rid Of Nagging Aches & illnesses
  • You Are Experiencing Brain Fog, Stress And Anxiety.
  • You Want To Move To A More Sustainable & Natural Way Of Life

The Suitable Age Group For This Workshop is 15+ Years.

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Fill Up Your Details & Join Us On WhatsApp  

For More Details, Call Us: +91-8448331324 or +91-9311551174

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Your Health Coaches & Hosts

Asha Shivaram

Natural Health Coach & Nature Cure Educator

Asha is a Natural Health Coach, a Nature Cure Practitioner & Educator, a Certified Whole Foods Plant-Based Nutritionist & An Expert in Reversing Diseases Naturally.  Adopting a Natural Lifestyle helped her overcome anxiety, fibromyalgia, IBS & hyperthyroidism. She is a Detox Expert & has empowered several people to heal from their multiple chronic ailments and go medicine free. Her passion is to educate and spread awareness among people about health, veganism, natural living and environment conservation.

Shweta Donthi

Holistic Nutritionist & the Founder of SuNaVeEc

Shweta wears many hats. She is a Holistic Nutritionist, Sustainable Fashion Designer, Plant-based Chef/Menu curator, Fermentation Expert, Dancer, and Artist.
She is also the Founder of SuNaVeEc which is into spreading awareness on Sustainability, Natural, Vegan, and Eco-Friendly Lifestyles. Sattva Fermentary is into making and teaching Vit "B12" rich, gut-friendly Probiotics. Squash Foods, Provides organic, healthy, traditional home-cooked food! Soulful Cookware is into traditional cookware like soapstone, cast iron, earthenware, black pottery, neemwoood cutlery, etc.

Smitha Hemadri

Holistic Nature Cure Educator, Spiritual Guide & Plant Based Chef

Smitha is a Nature Cure Holistic Lifestyle Coach with a rich experience in curing 50+ health conditions, including chronic skin & hair health issues, cancer and digestive disorders. She integrated spiritual techniques in her counselling. She is an eco-friendly, sustainable living enthusiast and makes her own personal and home care products. Moreover, she is also a plant-based chef, with expertise in developing delicious raw recipes, juices, cakes and breads.

Saee Bapat

Founder- Clean Eating with SaeeYogasakhi

Sea is an IT professional turned Holistic Nutrition, Health Coach & Yoga Therapist. 

She holds a master in Yogic Science (M.Sc.) and certification in Nutrition from Cornell University. She is constantly upgrading her knowledge of Holistic Nutrition and Yoga as she believes the combination truly delivers rich rewards.

Her mission is to help people develop healthy and sustainable habits following time-tested principles. Her online and offline courses have helped students develop healthier energetic lifestyles, reverse health conditions and transform their perspective about health and wellness.

Our Healing Principles Are


You Feel Well Only When Your Entire Being Is Healthy - Mind, Body, Emotions, Thoughts & Spirit. We Help You Heal Holistically.


Being In Sync With Nature Is The Only Way To Sustain Health. We Will Teach You To Eat & Live As Per Nature’s Laws & Rhythms.


Sun Is The Primary Source Of Energy That Gets Transferred To Plants & Then To Us. We Don’t Dilute The Energy Any Further. We Will Eat 100% Plant-Based Whole Foods.


The Mind Needs Leisure Time To Rejuvenate. Unwind With Relaxing Face Yoga & Intentional Meditation.


Your Body Has Self-Healing Power You Just Need To Facilitate The Process. We Enable You To Take Charge Of Your Health.


Workshop Schedule


Free 1-Year Access To Our Bestselling “50 Vegan Recipes Kickstarter” Course

Free 1-Year Access To Our “Restore Your Health With Nature Cure” Course

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Workshop Pricing

One-Day Workshop
Per Person Fee: INR 2,500/-

INR 1,750/-


*Ends on 31st May 2022


Two-Day Workshop
Per Person Fee: INR 4,000/-

INR 3,000/-


*Ends on 31st May 2022

Payment Can Also Be Done By Google Pay (Any UPI Payment Mode) OR Paytm to 9910607815, Please Send A Screenshot Of The Payment To The Same Number OR Mail It To [email protected]

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After attending this 2-day program I learned the 5 elements of nature. It was such a knowledge-filled eye-opening session! Smitha Hemadri taught us how to take care of hair and skin naturally. All the queries were answered very politely. We learned yoga in a joyful and fun way. The recipes shown were so easy, tasty, and quick! Thank you very much for your hard work, dedication, and care. It was great to connect with like-minded people. It felt like a family get-together!

33 yrs, Customer Support Executive

I too learned many things in these two days. Mindfulness, a lot about mental health and food, and elements of nature from all the experts. Thank you is a small word, my gratitude always 🙏🏻.

Had a wonderful time with all my friends. Hope to stay connected always.

45 yrs, Homemaker

It's been 2 weeks since I attended the program and have incorporated some of the changes suggested. I am feeling great and looking good too. Lost some weight, woke up more energized, lost my post-Covid fatigue, felt the energy of these wonderful live Whole Foods, and did not experience as much pain from my condition. I am healing!

In addition, just trying to let go of a lot of pain from the past. It's made me feel lighter and safer in the world. Is randomly meeting people and talk a lot, so there’s some energy shift for sure.

43 yrs, Community Builder

I've been following the teachings of the program. Yesterday I went to the office physically after 2 years, everyone was telling me that I lost a lot of weight and looked much younger.
I came down from 79kg to 65 kg after following the natural diet.

42, Senior Engineering Manager


JustBe Cafe (India's First Whole Food Plant-Based Resto Cafe)
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