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Get Started On Your Healthy Fertility Journey 

with - Anchal Kapur

Fertility, Lifestyle Medicine & Nature Cure Health Coach 

“Poor egg quality, low AMH, hormonal imbalance - when I had these in 2014, I felt very alone, I thought I was the only one suffering. But now as I help women meet their fertility goals, I realize these issues are no less than a pandemic! The number of women who are struggling to conceive is unimaginable. The good news is that there is a solution, the solution is readily available & it is highly effective. The solution is adopting Nature Cure, to follow a diet & lifestyle that adds life to your life”
- Anchal Kapur

1-on-1 Personal Coachings

Flourish Fertility

An amazing program for aspiring moms, who are either trying to conceive or want to have a healthy & happy pregnancy. Get empowered with the knowledge and nature’s tools that support your fertility journey. Beat causes of infertility - PCOS, hormonal issues, poor egg quality, or the count. Coach Anchal Kapur (a self-infertility triumphant), will guide you through her personal experience and victories. 

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Flourishing Fertility

Nurturing a life within you is a special journey, which starts in your body but it encompasses much more. If you have been trying to conceive but remained unsuccessful, according to Nature Cure there can be only 5 reasons that might have worked against you:
  • Wrong Food Habits - Even if you feel that you eat healthy, simple, home-cooked food, you could be spending a lot of your vitality in the process of digestion rather than on other important life functions such as Flourishing your Fertility. 
  • Unhealthy Lifestyle - You have a fast-paced stressful life where you follow compulsive rather than conscious behavior.
  • Not Living In Sync With Nature - You sleep late and wake up late, throwing your circadian rhythm off schedule.
  • Sedentary Habits - Your body is designed for movement, yet you are not moving enough. 
  • Not Utilizing The 5 Natural Elements - You are not connecting with & absorbing nature's abundantly available health capsules - Sun, Sky, Air, Water & Earth.   

Your body has its own innate intelligence to keep you fertile. You just need to create the right environment for this transformation within your body. And that’s where I step in to help.

E-Learning Courses (Do It on Your Pace)

How Can I Help?

My online programs, personal health coaching, and on-site retreats focus on boosting your fertility naturally - preparing your body to conceive, overcoming any fertility issues such as hormonal imbalances, advanced age, PCOD, low egg count, poor egg quality, and others. I welcome all aspiring mothers who are:
  • Planning a healthy conception
  • Struggling to concieve due to PCOS, Low Egg Count, Poor Egg Quality, Hormonal Imbalance, Thyroid, Miscarriage History, or other physical challenges
  • Planning fertility treatments such as IVF & IUI

10 Steps to Conceive Naturally

Learn the Natural Therapies for aspiring moms to Conceive Naturally

Offer Price: INR ₹99/-


Boost Fertility Naturally

An e-Learning program for aspiring moms. Prepare yourself for a healthful, joyous pregnancy by embracing Mother Nature. Increase your chances to conceive & overcome multiple issues causing infertility. Learn diet, yoga & fertile thoughts the correct mind work.

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INR ₹499/-


Fertility Diet

Join This Program To Eat For Enhanced Fertility & A Healthy, Happy Pregnancy. Give Your Body The Ingredients It Requires To Heal Infertility, Hormonal Imbalance, Create Healthier Cells & Protect Your Eggs.

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INR ₹499/-


10-Day Natural Detox

Remove the cause of all diseases from your body - Toxins. Give your organs a chance to rest and recover. Follow 1 new health challenge daily for 10 days, follow plant-based eating and lifestyle, step-by-step guidance by health coaches, constant support, and resources to help you complete the Detox Regime!

Discounted Price
INR ₹499/-


Recorded Workshops

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Fundamentals of Nature Cure

Certification Course

Learn To Live Disease-Free With 5 Elements Of Nature!

Heal From Chronic Fatigue, Allergies, Aches & Pains, Arthritis, Digestive & Gastric Issues, Obesity, Diabetes, Thyroid, Spondylitis, Anxiety, Insomnia, Migraines & More.

INR ₹999/-

Offer Price: INR 499/-


Boost Fertility Naturally 

(Only Recording Available)

Natural Therapies Edition: In this 1-hour talk by Anchal Kapur, learn simple and highly effective natural therapies to enhance your fertility.

INR ₹199/-


Know More About Me

Anchal Kapur | Natural Healing & Women’s Health Expert

I am a Lifestyle Medicine Coach from Hippocrates Health Institute (USA), a Nature Cure Health Coach from the International Institute of Mahayoga & Natural Hygiene (USA), and a Naturopathy / Natural Medicine practitioner from the Indian Board of Alternative Medicines. I triumphed over ulcerative colitis, an autoimmune disease & infertility with a holistic and natural health approach, and embraced motherhood. Pursuing my passion to help people heal naturally, I guide them to meet their health goals by following the Laws of Nature.

My Triumph Over Ulcerative Colitis & Infertility

Anchal’s health issues began with severe body aches, followed by ulcerative colitis and infertility. Her gynae gave her a 3 month window to conceive, else rush for IVF. At a young age of 32 years, for colitis, she was supposed to be on medication for the rest of her life...

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Healthy Pregnancy – Nature's Way

Anchal was keen to become a mother. Struggling with ulcerative colitis and infertility, she had switched to a natural lifestyle. She conceived within the next few months and continued with the newly found way of natural living. It was told to her that colitis can lead to complications in her pregnancy...

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I have helped hundreds of women boost their fertility naturally & conceive with Mother Nature’s blessings. See below what some of them shared.

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Get Started On Your Fertility Journey

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