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IMANAH Natural Healing Consultation

2-Week Personal Coaching By Team IMANAH
Book a personal consultation with Dr Arun Sharma (ND) and his team at IMANAH. Get hands on advice on diet, therapies, breathing exercises, and more.

Achieve your optimum health & regain your body’s internal hygiene

INR 4,000/- Onwards


Mental Health Counseling

We’re Here To Help! Reach Out, Talk To The Best Psychologists. Select Your Consultant And Start Counseling. Easily Accessible, Affordable, and Solution-focussed Psychological Counseling. Relieve Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Sleep Disorders, OCD, Panic Attacks, Phobias, Stress Eating, Personality Disorders

INR 1,500/-

(For 3 Sessions)

Natural Eye Health Coaching

1-Month Coaching to Improve Your Vision

No More Spectacles /Contact lenses/ Lasik Surgery. Rectify Your Eye Health Problems, Regain Your Eyesight & Improve Your Vision At The 1-Month Eye Health Coaching. Vision Exercises, Relaxation Techniques, Natural Therapies & More.

INR 500/-


Natural Beauty Consultation

Your Skin is as Unique as You. Get personalized and natural beauty care solutions, customized only for you! In this personal coaching program, we follow a holistic approach and we focus on skincare, haircare, your mindset, lifestyle, nutrition, and the importance of following daily rituals for healthy skin and body.

INR 999/- Onwards


Flourish Fertility Coaching

An amazing program for aspiring moms, who are either trying to conceive or want to have a healthy & happy pregnancy. Get empowered with the knowledge and nature’s tools that support your fertility journey. Beat causes of infertility - PCOS, hormonal issues, poor egg quality, or the count. Coach Anchal Kapur (a self-infertility triumphant), will guide you through her personal experience and victories. 

INR 4,000/- Onwards


Natural Healing & Immunity Building Coaching

This coaching program helps you smoothly transition to a natural lifestyle that you can easily follow for life, to maintain good health & well-being forever. LIVE calls, WhatsApp support, customized diet & lifestyle plan as per your health profile. Expect to achieve your natural weight, boost immunity, improve digestive health, sleep better, feel calmer & lighter. 

INR 3,500/-


Holistic Weight Loss Coaching

We will help you live and eat as per nature’s design to shed extra weight and teach you to maintain it easily too! In addition to losing weight, expect to experience a deep detox of your mind and body. With periodic calls, WhatsApp support, and interventions by your coach, practically apply the health plan in daily life.

INR 3,500/-


Natural Detox Coaching

Deep detox for a month and effectively remove toxins, the cause of all diseases, from your body. If you have been battling digestive issues, insomnia, skin problems, headache, bloating, acidity, or memory issues, then you need a detox! Discover right food combinations, a balanced intake of raw & cooked meals,  circadian rhythm-based eating for flushing out all toxins from your body.

INR 3,500/-


Kids' Immunity Coaching

This is a Personal Coaching Program for parents that focuses on boosting kids' immunity through diet & lifestyle changes. Get a personalized & child-friendly immunity diet plan, recipes, tips to manage kids’ illnesses, LIVE calls, WhatsApp support & 1-month coaching to see your kid through the whole transition to the plant-based diet. 

INR 3,500/-


Natural Diabetes Management

3-Month Health Consultation Program by SHARAN
Personal Coaching by Medical Doctor | Control Diabetes Naturally | Boost Overall Health
Controlled Blood Sugar Levels | Weight Loss
Reduced Medications (under guidance)
Feel Healthier & Active | Embrace Healthier Lifestyle

INR 8,500/-


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