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The D-I-Y Soaps Workshop

Make Your Own Nourishing Melt & Pour Soaps At Home!

No Toxins | No Harmful Chemicals| No Synthetic Scents| No Artificial Agents


Recording Fee: INR 999/-


Program Highlights:

  • Suitable For Beginners

  • Live Demo of  10 DIY Recipes of soaps 

  • Learn to blend the best fragrances together

  • Learn to personalise your soaps using different molds, designs & natural colourants

  • Shopping Links For Natural Ingredients

  • Free E-Book with stepwise instructions

  • Recording Access for 1-Year

  • Q&A support via Mail

SESSION 1 Recording

Theory (Introduction to Natural Soaps Making)

  • Why Natural soap making
  • What is soap made of – key constituents?
  • What to look for while buying a soap base
  • Chemicals to avoid in soap bases
  • Types of soap bases
  • Best Essentials Oils for soaps
  • Other additives in soaps

Practical Demo

  • Anti Acne Tea Tree Face Wash
  • Lavender, Clove Intimate Wash
  • Rose Solid Soap Bar For Women
  • Charcoal Cologne Soap Bar For Men

Q&A to resolve your queries via mail

SESSION 2 Recording

Practical Demo

  • Anti-aging Sweet Almond Face Wash

  • Pineapple Soap Bar For Kids

  • Chamomile Soap Bar For Babies

  • Exfoliating Oatmeal Scrub Bar

  • Skin Brightening Rice Kaolin Soap Bar

  • Patchouli Cardamom Body Wash

Q&A to resolve your queries via mail


Sunmeet Taluja Marwaha

(Natural Beauty & Wellness Coach)

She is a Natural Beauty & Wellness Coach. Being a Dutch citizen, the environment-friendly culture of the Netherlands inculcated wellness in Sunmeet’s lifestyle right from childhood. A few years ago, she overcame certain health issues by following a holistic approach to health. Ever since she has been passionate about nourishing her near & dear ones in the best way possible, giving them real food, and keeping them disease-free. Sunmeet is also an entrepreneur & co-founder of natural beauty products brand ‘Natuur’.


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