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The Gut Health E-Learning Program

Make your Gut Healthy & Happy

Reboot your Unhealthy System

Improve Energy & Immunity

Course Fee: INR 1599/-

Watch the Free Introductory Session held on 15th Sep

What & Why ?

  • Introduction to Gut Health
  • Food Combinations
  • Raw Food Digestibility

Diet & Lifestyle

  • 7 Day Meal Plan
  • How much Probiotic to Consume & When
  • Probiotic Recipe: Almond Yogurt & Millet Kanji

Recipes Demos

  • Salad Dressings
  • Oil-Free Dal Tempering 
  • Pumpkin curry
  • Ghee free Briyani

Q&A support

The way forward, Lifestyle changes | Q&A

Course Fee: INR 1599/-

Healthy Recipes (Demonstrations)

Probiotic Recipes (Videos)

Q&A, Way Forward 

Meal Plan | Recipe E-Book

Course Access for 1-Year

BONUS Recipe E-Book with 20+ Recipes

Priyanka Jain

(Plant-Based Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach)

Priyanka is a plant-based nutrition and lifestyle coach. A fitness enthusiast who firmly believes in “Refuse, Reuse, Reduce, Recycle”. Embracing the journey of a vegan lifestyle, through her YouTube channel “Priyanka N Jain” (English and Hindi) she aims to reach the masses and advocate the importance of clean eating, natural lifestyle, and women's health. She is also passionate about sustainable menstruation. Her brand - SochGreen ( provides a complete product landscape of eco-friendly period products.

Choose Health

A Healthy Gut leads to overall well-being. It boosts immunity, provides Energy & Positive sense of being

A Step Towards Ideal Body Weight

Learn to support your Gut in a healthy way & get rid of unwanted habits, unhealthy cravings & excess body weight.

Learn Probiotic Recipes

Probiotics are healthy bacteria in the Gut. Learn Recipes that are Nutritious, Promotes healthy bacteria & are Tasty.

Watch the Free Introductory Session held on 15th Sep

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