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Disclaimer: The information in an e-book course is for general information purposes and nothing contained in it is or is intended to be construed as advice. It does not take into account your individual health, medical, physical, or emotional situation or needs. It is not a substitute for medical attention, treatment, examination, advice, treatment of existing conditions or diagnosis, and is not intended to provide a clinical diagnosis nor take the place of proper medical advice from a fully qualified medical practitioner.

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Wellcure’s Health E-Books

Easy, quick & simple ways to build good health naturally

India's most trusted and fastest-growing natural healing platform, Wellcure, along with Natural Health Coaches has curated a series of e-books to achieve health and wellness naturally. 

These e-books (PDF) can be easily downloaded on your phone, tablet, or desktop.

  1. 50 recipes for Natural Foods - This E-Book encourages you to cook at least one healthy recipe every day for a month. Buy @INR 199/-

  2. Immunity Building Guide - As deadly viruses & infections are gripping the world. This E-Book brings Nature's wisdom to enhancing Immunity. Buy @INR 299/-

  3. Sugar-free Sweet Life for Kid's - This E-Book tells you why and how you can replace the processed white sugar from your Kid's Diet with Healthy Alternatives. Buy @INR 399/-

  4. Healthy Indian Cooking - A complete package that'll give you the power to be in charge of your & your Family's Health. This cookbook is a food guide containing knowledge of Healing the body with Plant-based Food without any medicine. Buy @INR 499/-

  5. Complimentary Green Your lIfe ebook

Buy all 4 books @INR 1100/-