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Sweet Life for Kids (E-book)

Bring Sweetness in Your Child's Life ! 

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This book tells you how can you replace the processed white sugar from your kids’ diet with healthy alternatives.

What Will You Get:

  • Learn the healthy alternatives of sugar in kids foods
  • Tasty, colorful, simple and healthy recipes suiting kids’ taste
  • Natural sugar based breakfast ideas
  • Variety of recipes for smoothies, desserts & snacks
  • Know how sugar affects your kids’ health
  • What health issues can white sugar cause in kids
  • Learn the myths about sugar consumption in kids
  • Know the harmful effects of white sugar on kids’ body
  • Know which kids-foods contain high levels of white sugar & how to make kids avoid them
  • Learn about natural sources of sugar & how to include them in your kids’ daily diet
  • Tips to include family members in reducing sugar intake by your kids

This book presents easy and practical methods to eliminate harmful sugar from kids’ diets and introduce natural sugars to them, helping them develop healthy eating habits at an early age.

An eye-opener book for all who believe that white sugar is acceptable for kids as they burn it all out.