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Learn A to Z Of Natural Healing, Nutrition & Lifestyle From The Comfort Of Your Home

75+ Recorded Health Workshops

  1. Restore Health With Nature Cure - Heal From Chronic Fatigue, Allergies, Aches & Pains, Arthritis, Digestive & Gastric Issues, Obesity, Diabetes, Thyroid, Spondylitis, Anxiety, Insomnia, Migraines & More. 
  2. Dairy-free Cheese Making - Learn to make more than 7 varieties of 100% plant-based, preservative-free Vegan Cheese at home, without any complicated techniques. 
  3. Healthy Salad Dressings - Learn 6 Versatile Recipes Of 100% Guilt-Free & Delicious Salad Dressings Without Oil, Dairy Or Preservatives. 
  4. Healthy Vegan Pizzas - Bake Whole Wheat & Gluten-Free No-Yeast Pizza Crusts, Flavourful Vegan Sauces & Toppings!
  5. Healthy Dessert Jars - Ace Your Skills Of Easy No-Bake & Vegan Dessert Jars To At Home
  6. Natural Thyroid Correction - Manage thyroid naturally with nutrition, natural therapies, and yoga.
  7. Healthy Christmas Sweets & Savories - Learn to bake healthy Christmas cakes, cookies, appetizers, drinks & much more.
  8. Immunity Against Allergies - Are You Allergic To Pollen, Dust & Even Some Foods? Embrace Nature Cure, And Get Your Health Renewed!
  9. Improve Brain Power Naturally - Learn 10+ neuro exercises, mudras, and pressure points to improve your focus, concentration, memory, and brain processing speed.
  10. Healthy Indian Sweets Masterclass - Make Your Favourite Mithais Without Maida, Refined Sugar, And Dairy!
  11. Winter Skincare - Learn Natural Skincare Routine & DIY Beauty Products, Herbal Remedies
  12. Anti-aging Massage - Learn The Anti-Aging & Beautifying Massage For Lymphatic Drainage & Oil Cleansing For A Glowing, Hydrated & Supple Skin. 
  13. Probiotics Making - Learn To Make 13+ Immunity Boosting & Natural Probiotic Foods & Drinks, Such as Kombucha, Kefir, Ketchup, Pickled & Much More!
  14. Aromatherapy Masterclass - Get Relief From Migraine, Cold, Allergies, Indigestion & More. Use the Healing Powers of Essential Oils!
  15. Pies, Tarts & Galettes - Healthy Baking Masterclass - Make your favorite bakes without refined flour, sugar, dairy, eggs, or unhealthy fats.
  16. Natural Lip Balms & Body Butters - Learn moisturizing, preservative-free lip balms & body butter that are good for your skin and easy on your pocket!
  17. Winter Hair Care - Learn Natural Haircare Routine, DIY Hair Products & Herbal Remedies
  18. Gluten-free Granola & Bars - Learn to make kid-friendly nutrient-dense & healthy granola cereals & bars without artificial sweeteners, preservatives & flavors. 
  19. Migraine Relief Through Medical Yoga - Relieve Headaches, Stiffness In Neck & Shoulders, Nausea, Heaviness In Eyes And Other Migraine Symptoms With Medical Yoga Techniques
  20. Grow Salad Leaves At Home - Learn to choose the right plants, soil care, harvesting, sunlight requirements & much more
  21. Millet Desserts Masterclass - Learn to make guilt-free & baked Millet Pecan Pudding, Quinoa Banana Walnut Teacake, Finger Millet Orange & Chocolate Mousse Cake & much more.
  22. Natural Soaps Workshop - Make your own nourishing, melt & pour soaps at home without artificial additives or chemicals, with 100% natural ingredients.
  23. Gluten-free Cookie & Biscotti - Make crumbly cookies without dairy, refined flour, eggs, or processed sugar. Bake fresh & stick to your health goals.
  24. Healthy Meal Bowls - Learn grain-free, gluten-free & festive Meal Bowls such as Nasi Goreng, Sesame Zoodles & More.
  25. Millet Ice Creams - Learn To Make Guilt-Free & Delicious Millet-Based Ice Creams With Natural Plant-Based Ingredients!
  26. DIY Natural Bio-enzymes - Make DIY Body wash, hand wash, mosquito repellant, plant fertilizer & more bio-enzyme-based products at home.
  27. Dairy-free Ice Creams - Make yummy & Easy-to-Whip-up Ice-creams made with Fruits, Natural sugars & Nut-milks, that ain't sinful but power-packed, healthy & tasty snacks for everyone.
  28. Grow Microgreens At Home - Learn to grow, harvest & consume the little superfood plants in a variety of ways.
  29. Healthy Festive Snacks - Make Delectable & Guilt-free Snacks Easily At Home without dairy, gluten, unhealthy fats or processed sugar
  30. Healthy Salads Fiesta - Make Tasty Vegetable Salads as Meals or Snacks for Healing & Health
  31. Nature Cure Weight - A Program For Overcoming Overweight and Underweight issues With Science of Nature Cure.
  32. Wholewheat Momos & Baos - Indulge in yummy Asian food without any guilt - these momos and baos are wholesome & nourishing.
  33. Diwali Desserts Workshop- Bake 100% vegan and gluten-free desserts that have much lesser calories, no unhealthy fats, and processed sugar. 
  34.  DIY Aroma Candles - Craft Your Own Candles  Using Safe, Non-Toxic Ingredients, No Paraffin Wax or Artificial Scents 
  35. Natural Designer Soaps - Learn To Make Your Own Non-Toxic Soaps That Have Unique Designs, Patterns & Textures 
  36. Boost Immunity With Natural Foods - Decode the Det Plan, Immunity Recipes & Natural Ways To Boost Immunity
  37. Delicious Raw Food Recipes - Make raw Soups, Snacks & Desserts without any dehydrators, exotic ingredients or difficult procedures.
  38. Natural Skin & Hair Care For Kids - learn to leverage natural ingredients to make personalized body care products that are truly kid-friendly.
  39. Post-COVID Recovery with Nature Cure - 5 Recorded Sessions with Dr. Arun Sharma On COVID Prevention & Recovery With Natural Therapies, Diet & Lifestyle
  40. Compost Making - Learn 4 DIY Composting Techniques. Recycle Food Scraps, Dry Leaves, Plan Clippings, Vegetable & Fruit Peels.
  41. Resolve Post-COVID Health Issues - Natural Ways To Recover From Post-Covid Heart Issues, Sleep Problems, Breathlessness, Fatigue, Body aches, Low Immunity, Hair Fall, Digestion problems, Brain Fog
  42. Healthy Chocolate Treats - Make 100% vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free, preservative-free - Guilt-Free Chocolate Delicacies!
  43. Oil-free Indian Cooking - Learn oil-free and super quick & creamy vegan Indian gravies and gluten-free rotis!
  44. The Science Of Mahayoga - A workshop on Complete Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Health. 
  45. Gluten-free Handrolled Pasta - Ace the art of making hand-rolled gluten-free pasta and toss it together with fresh & flavourful plant-based sauces.
  46. Healthy Gujarati Cooking - Make 100% plant-based, oil-free, gluten-free, and dairy-free Undhiyu, Stuffed Khandvi, Dal Dhokli, Sitaphal Basundi & many more delicacies!
  47. Herb Gardening - How to start, which plants to choose, soil care, nurturing, harvesting, sunlight requirements & more.
  48. Reverse Aging Naturally - Diet, lifestyle & natural ways to conserve vitality, boost energy & maintain youthfulness 
  49. Monsoon Hair Care - Make DIY Natural hair care products - hair mask, shampoo, conditioner, serum & much more! 
  50. Natural Home Cleaning Products - Make easy 100% Chemical-Free Cleaning Products without toxins, synthetic scents, or artificial agents
  51. Vegan Mexican Fiesta - Make healthy & delicious Mexican recipes - Nachos, Bean Dip, Churros, Tacos & more
  52. Wholewheat & Gluten-free Bakes - learn to bake wholesome breads, cookies, savories & snacks
  53. Vegan Cheesecakes Masterclass - Learn to make 100% plant-based cheesecakes without dairy, gluten & processed sugar that are rich in taste & similar in texture to regular cheesecakes. 
  54. Grow Button Mushrooms At Home - Learn the Basics of Growing & harvesting Button Mushrooms that are safer, healthier & tastier.
  55. Healthy Salads Fiesta - Toss-up yummy salads with flavorsome salad dressings. Benefit from the healing power of raw vegetables.
  56. Non-Veg Alternative Cooking - Make 100% plant-based & chemical-free foods that taste like your favorite non-veg dishes
  57. Kitchen Gardening Workshop - Grow your own organic, chemical-free, and rich-in-taste foods at home
  58. Natural Perfumes - Create your own signature fragrances with 100% natural ingredients without synthetic scents or artificial agents.
  59. Healthy mango Desserts Masterclass - Make no-bake, irresistible & healthy desserts without harmful fats, processed sugar & dairy.
  60. Healthy Holi Feast - Chaat & Mithai Special Workshop - This Holi, Make Guilt-Free Sweets, Savories & Drinks
  61. Sound Sleep Program - Relax & Restore your Deep Sleep with Easy flowing Yogic practices
  62. Face Fitness - Uplift, tone & sculpt your face with facial exercises, & yoga.
  63. Skin & Hair Care With Aromatherapy - Learn essential oil blends to rejuvenate your skin, hair & home 
  64. Smoothie Bowls & Desserts - Nutritious, Delicious & Easy to Whip up! Made with 100% Fresh Fruits, Natural sugars & Nut-milks, these smoothie bowls are Power-packed & tasty snacks for everyone.
  65. Healthy Xmas Desserts - Learn homemade, simple & totally doable gluten-free recipes that’ll be super comforting for the holiday season.
  66. Gluten-free Pancakes & Waffles - Make Gluten-free Sweet & Savoury Pancakes & Waffles From Scratch, without maida, eggs, dairy or white sugar.
  67. 3-day Raw Food Cleanse - Gently detox & reboot your health with the power of raw foods. 
  68. Healthy Salads - Make Tasty Vegetable Salads for Healing, Health Weight Loss, Nutrition, Good Skin & Healthy Hair
  69. Raising Naturally Healthy kids - Give your kids a disease-free life with a nutritionally balanced Plant-based Diet, Natural & Active Lifestyle. Learn to manage Common Kids’ Illnesses Without Medicines.
  70. Natural Thyroid Correction-Reverse thyroid issues with the right nutrition, natural therapies & yoga. 
  71. Gluten-free Millet Cooking - Make delicious recipes with 5+ types of millets. Learn to identify different millets.
  72. Vegan & Oil-free Dips & Spreads - Learn To Make Irresistible & healthy Dips Without Oil, eggs, White Sugar, Artificial Flavors, Preservatives Or Colors. 
  73. Make Your Gut Healthy - Get rid of unhealthy cravings & excess body weight. Reset your digestive system & reboot your health
  74. Healthy Menopause Management - A Guided Plan To Manage Menopause-Related Stress, Transitions & Emotional Issues Effectively

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