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Recorded Program 

Make Natural Body & Home Cleansers, Mosquito Repellant & Garden Composting Booster At Home
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Shweta Doddamani Donthi

Shweta wears many hats. She is a Holistic Nutritionist, Sustainable Fashion Designer, Plant-based Chef & Menu curator, Fermentation Expert, Dancer & Artist. She is also the Founder of SuNaVeEc an organization that’s spreading awareness on Sustainability, Natural, Vegan, and Eco-Friendly Lifestyles, Sattva Fermentary, which makes and teaches making Vit B12 rich, gut-friendly Probiotics, Squash Foods, which creates organic, healthy, traditionally home-cooked food, and Soulful Cookware,  which provides traditional cookware made of soapstone, cast iron, earthenware,  black pottery, neemwoood cutlery, etc.

Program Price: INR 749/-

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How Does This Program Benefits You?

  • You will discover the techniques to make bio-enzymes for various purposes
  • You will learn how to use bio-enzymes for the healthy growth of plants and cleaning purposes
  • You will learn how to switch to using bio-enzymes instead of chemical-rich, inorganic alternatives

Which DIY Bio-Enzyme Products Will You Learn To Make?

  • Dishwashing Liquid
  • Laundry Cleaning Liquid
  • Metal Cleaner
  • Fertilizer
  • Shampoo
  • Mosquito Repellent
  • Body Wash
  • Home Cleaner
  • Toilet Cleaner
  • Hair Conditioner
  • Composting Booster
You Will Discover More Ways To Use Bio-enzymes For Cleansing & Other Purposes

Workshop Schedule

RECORDED Session Day 1

  1. What are Bio-Enzymes?
  2. Why use Bio-Enzymes?
  3. How do Bio-Enzymes Impact your Health & the Environment?
  4. Q&A

RECORDED Session Day 2

  1. How to make Bio-Enzymes?
  2. Making Body, Home & Plant-Care Products
  3. How to use Bio-Enzymes?
  4. Do’s & Don’ts of using & making Bio-Enzymes
  5. Q&A
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Program Price: INR 749/-

2 Recorded Sessions

Techniques to make Bio-Enzymes

11 DIY Bio-Enzyme Product Recipes 

Ways to Use Bio-Enzymes

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