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Migraine Relief Through Medical Yoga 

Manage Your Migraine and Headaches with the Science of Medical Yoga



Workshop Fee
@INR 999/-


This program is for you if you have: 

  • Frequent headaches (especially at the back of the head)
  • High or constant stress levels
  • Constant & progressive stiffness in the neck & shoulders 
  • Recurring heaviness or pain in the eyes, blurring of vision
  • Frequent acidity, nausea, drowsiness
  • Pinched nerve, bulged cervical disc, swelling in nerves
  • Muscle spasm, sinusitis

Or Any of the following symptoms: 

  • Abnormal sensations in the head, neck, shoulders and arms
  • Stiffness in neck that progressively worsens
  • Loss of balance
  • Headaches, particularly in the back of the head
  • Sensation of vomiting
  • Heaviness in eyes
  • Blurring of the vision
  • Drowsiness

How Will You Benefit From This Workshop?

  • You will learn highly effective Medical Yoga Techniques that will:

    1. Relieve headaches & stiffness in neck, shoulders, arms
    2. Improve digestion, nausea & giddiness
    3. Relieve stress & heaviness in eyes
    4. Restore correct posture of shoulders & head
    5. Improve sleep and energy levels
    6. Decompression of the blood vessels supplying blood to the head

Props Required: Two long scarves/dupattas or yoga strap and Two thick towels 

We strongly recommend you to attend the LIVE session to practice with the instructor & get the best results!

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“Medical Yoga is Defined as the use of Yoga Practices for the Prevention and Potential Treatment of Medical Conditions.”

National Centre for Biotechnology Information

Recording Fee @INR 999/-

Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology of Migraine  

Brief pathology of Migraine & Headaches

LIVE Demo of medical yoga techniques & specific Migraine Relief  practices 

Access to Workshop Recording for 1 Year


Dr. Deepak Sachdeva

(Founder, Director - Medical Yoga Centers) is a foremost expert in the field of Medical Yoga.

  • 15+ years of exceptional work in the field of "Yoga Therapy for Pain Relief"

  • PGD in Therapeutic Restorative Yoga, and M.Phil 

  • Ph.D. in Yoga

  • Honorary Doctorate by Indian Board of Alternative Medicines for exceptional work done in the field of "Yoga Therapy for Pain Relief

  • Anatomy X: Musculoskeletal Cases - a course from Harvard University.

  • Earned numerous acknowledgments & awards (including one from the President of India)

  • 12,000+ patients have benefitted from his LIVE health talks in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Dubai, India & Australia

His skills in the human body’s biomechanics are exceptional. His understanding of the body muscles, bones, joints, and their pathology is exemplary. He is an expert in Body Movements - what restricts it & how to restore it without medicines.


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