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Grow-It-Yourself:  Edible Baby Greens 

Nutritional Green Jewels

E-Learning Program 

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Grow Microgreens (E-Learning Program)

Hydroponically & On Cocopeat

Include Flavorful & Nutritious Homegrown Microgreens in Diet

  • Learn to Grow Microgreens on different mediums

  • Microgreens recipes

  • Interactive LIVE sessions

  • Videos & Downloadable PDF guide

Mrs. Sonal Shet

(Food Nutritionist)

Course Fee: INR 1399/- 

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Course Highlights:

  • 4 LIVE Sessions Recording
    • Introduction to Hydroponics & Cocopeat methods
    • Soil growing (Cocopeat) of Microgreens
    • Hydroponic growing of Microgreens
    • LIVE demo of microgreens recipes 
  • Video of the instructor growing microgreens
  • PDF guide on microgreens
  • Recording of the full workshop
  • Tips and tricks for fast growth & mold prevention
  • Do’s and Don’ts
  • PDF Microgreens Recipe E-Book
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Course Details:

  • Session 1: 

Introduction to the Hydroponic & Coco Peat Methods

Mrs. Sonal will be taking you through the journey of microgreens cultivation through visuals - What are microgreens, How to grow and nurture them. She will also guide you on the Pieces of equipment required, Seed selection, Sunlight exposure, Tips & tricks to grow them faster.

  • Session 2:

Soil Growing (Cocopeat) for Microgreens

Demonstration session of growing microgreens with Mrs. Sonal Shet. Be ready with your kit and grow with us. Detailed explanation on Cocopeat, why, and how to use it.

  • Session 3: 

The hydroponic growing of Microgreens

Demonstration session of growing microgreens on water, without any soil mess. Mrs. Sonal Shet will guide you step by step about the process & the Do’s and Don'ts. She will also share ideas on how to create a simple hydroponic system with the ingredients available in your kitchen.

  • Session 4:

Microgreens recipes demonstration session

In this session, Mrs. Sonal will be taking you through the most exciting part of the workshop. You will learn to add these little flavourful health jewels into your recipes, energize your meals, and enjoy the taste of microgreens. She will also teach you how you can make microgreens dessert & relish its flavors.

All sessions are an opportunity to get hands-on training, get all your queries answered, and overcome the challenges that you are facing.

*The list of all required materials will be shared with you once you buy the course.

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Microgreens - Live & Natural Multivitamins

Microgreens are live, functional food, as they contain a wide range of vital nutrients (eg. Vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and enzymes) Just by eating a handful of Red cabbage microgreens gives up to 40 times more vitamin 'E' than its mature ones.

Connect with Nature, Grow Your Own Food

Eat organic and freshly harvested microgreens daily when you have grown them at home. All that you need is a little space & some sunlight.

Microgreen Recipes

Learn a variety of ways to eat microgreens every day at the LIVE recipe demonstration. Sprinkle them on salads, Roll them in your wraps or Add them to your soups, smoothies & juices

Help Kids Grow & Eat The Greens

Kids can easily learn this skill too. The activity will nurture their interest in nature, healthy food, and increases their interest in eating greens.

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Mrs. Sonal Shet

B.Sc - Botany, Zoology, and Chemistry, M.Sc - Medical Biochemistry, Certificate of Food and nutrition (IGNOU Studying)

Passionate about gardening since childhood, Sonal lost touch with it after moving to an urban setting. Her interest took her to adopt a plant-based diet, exploring, studying, and growing her own greens. She is working incessantly towards spreading the word about microgreens and encouraging & skilling up people to grow them in their own spaces.

~ Testimonials ~

“It is an excellent workshop if you really want to give your 100%, I benefited a lot !! I would highly recommend it!”

“Thanks for keeping the WhatsApp group to answer our questions. That’s a great help.”

“Sonal is a fantastic guru of microgreens. I appreciate her patience in solving the queries of participants.”

“Sonal is very informative, patient and an excellent teacher.”

“Excellent. I had attended earlier microgreens classes, but Sonal is different probably because she loves what she does and that transfers to her training.”

“Very effective for beginners while growing microgreens at home.”


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