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Fight Fatigue Naturally 

1-Month Group Coaching Challenge

25 Mar - 25 Apr 2023

Build Healthy Habits To Combat Tiredness And Get Your Energy Back
Without Energy Bars or Caffeinated Drinks, With Nature’s Laws
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«« Asha Shivaram

  • Natural Health Coach
  • Certified Whole Foods, Plant-Based Nutritionist
  • Expert In Reversing Diseases Naturally 
(Obesity, Thyroid, Eczema, Psoriasis, Low Energy, Diabetes, Etc.)

Asha Shivaram »»

Natural Health Coach  •
Certified Whole Foods, Plant-Based Nutritionist  •
Expert In Reversing Diseases Naturally  •
(Obesity, Thyroid, Eczema, Psoriasis, Low Energy, Diabetes, Etc.)
Chahal Malhotra »»

Plant-based Nutritionist 
Weight & Lifestyle Management Expert  •
M.Sc Food & Nutrition  •

Program Price: INR 2,143

Early Bird Price: INR 1,500/-

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Hop On This Fun & Engaging Journey To Boost Your Energy & Bring The Zing Back In Your Life

Why do you feel Tired All The Time (TATT)?

There can be many reasons
  • A hurried lifestyle
  • Unhealthy diet
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Insulin resistance
  • Certain medical conditions
  • Deficiencies

Join This Challenge, If You:

Feel low on energy most of the time

Feel tired & not rested in the morning

Are unable to fall asleep even when tired

Experience extreme lethargy around 4PM 

Have mood swings & cravings throughout the day

Are gaining weight, and feeling even more lethargic due to it

Have increased coffee & chocolate intake, but fail to ‘Boost your Energy’

Feel pains & aches all over your body

Feel dehydrated even after sufficient water consumption

Are diagnosed with Vitamin D / Iron  deficiency 

Fall sick often

Expected Results:

  • Increased energy levels
  • Better clarity in thinking
  • Be more  lively & cheerful
  • Feel light in the body
  • Improved skin health
  • Reduced headaches, body pain, bad breath, and other nagging health issues
  • Be empowered to take care of your daily routine naturally
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What’s The Challenge?

Shh…it’s a secret. Let’s see if you can decipher these! We will reveal them one by one in the program.
Build 10 New Healthy Energy-Boosting Habits In 27 Days!

Using The Science of Habit Management
  1. Sweet is my nature
  2. Bliss in Blessings
  3. Sun yourself
  4. The balancing act
  5. The Undigital revolution
  6. Micro breaking & Restorative yoga
  7. Away to la la land
  8. Are You A Human Pickle?
  9. Niksen
  10. S to Surrender

Program Schedule

LIVE Session 1: Kick-Off

25 March 2023 | 12-1 PM

  • Understanding habit formation
  • Understanding habits that create fatigue
  • Science of new sustainable habit creation
  • How to conserve the body’s energy
  • Introduction to the first challenge and how to execute it

LIVE Session 2: Catch-Up & yoga

10 April 2023 | 6-7 PM

  • Restorative yoga for energy gains
  • Understanding rest, and its role in rejuvenation
  • How to take microbreaks
  • The best form and types of rest

LIVE Session 3: Conclusion

25 April 2023 | 6-7 PM

  • How to keep good habits sustainable
  • Way ahead - How to build on the gains of the program
  • Experience sharing 
  • Prize winners

WhatsApp Support Group:

Monday to Saturday 10 AM - 7 PM (IST)

Habit Building Activities, Competitions & Prizes To Be Won Too!

Program Price: INR 2,143

Early Bird Price: INR 1,500/-

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3 LIVE Interactive Sessions

Building 10 Healthy Energy-Boosting Habits

Energy Building Action Plans 

Daily LIVE WhatsApp Support

Exciting Prizes To Be Won!


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