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Science of Natural Healing by Kalyan Sarkar | Discover the Doctor Within You| E-learning Course

nature cure Feb 19, 2021

Principles of Nature Cure & Practical Ways to Apply Those in Daily Life

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Do you ever wonder why do you fall sick? Why do all those pathogens, bacteria, viruses, etc. enter your body and thrive? What cure does nature provide for diseases? Is there a way to achieve the best of health? Is it possible to not fall sick ever again in life?

The answers to the above questions lie in Nature’s Laws. Yes, nature has defined some laws for all living creatures to live healthily. Those who follow them hold much greater chances of living a life free of diseases, medicines, and full of health.

“Your body has self-healing powers. If you just provide it with the right inputs and environment, you can prevent/cure diseases and enjoy a much healthier life.” 


So, what are these laws of nature? What are these principles that can raise our health potential to the maximum?

Natural Healing or Nature Cure is a science that is based on these laws of nature. Studying the science of natural healing will empower you to prevent diseases, heal naturally, live healthily in a completely natural way, and help others achieve the same. 

Kalyan Sarkar, Founder, PSYSolutions has curated a course ‘Science of Natural Healing’ which is available on Wellcure e-learning. The course will not just all of the above questions but will be a life-changing experience for you. 

The course provides a basic understanding of the Principles of Nature Cure and Practical Ways to Apply those in Daily Life

In this course, Kalyan Sarkar will help you understand the functioning of the human body as per the simple concept of physics. This course will equip you to take steps to the best of your health.

Unlearn the myths, Re-learn the laws of Nature Cure, Apply the Science of Natural Healing in Daily Life

You have been living and eating in a certain way, you have some conceptions about causes of diseases, the role of food in maintaining health and curing diseases with medicines/ without medicines. This course will open new concepts to you, from the prism of Nature Cure. That’s why it focuses first on unlearning the myths that you know, then it will enlighten you with Nature Cure’s laws, and in the end, you will learn the methods to adopt the science of natural healing in your daily life.

This course is perfect for you, if:

  • You want to raise your health, prevent diseases, eat & live better, sleep better, and live stress-free

  • You are looking to take charge of your health and live in sync with Nature

  • You are seeking a ‘True’ understanding of the root causes of diseases

  • You are seeking a sustainable solution for a lifestyle disorder (for yourself or others)


Course Structure:

This is a self-paced, pre-recorded video course divided into four modules:

  1. Introduction

    • Introduction to Nature Cure 

    • Science of Rational Analysis

    • Law of vitality

  2. Unlearn the Myths 

    • Unlearning

    • Understanding Infection

    • Understanding Deficiency

    • Food

    • The Myth that Medicines cure

    • The myth that Disease is bad

  3. Re-learn the Laws of Nature Cure

    • Relearning

    • Vitality

    • Voice of the organism

    • Law of cause-effect

    • Law of Unity

    • Toxaemia and development of disease

  4. Apply the Science

    • Implementation

    • Input Matters

    • Action Matters

    • Thought Matters

 *You can post your questions in the comments section of the course. Our natural health coaches will resolve those. 

Each module contains explanatory videos for different topics, reading material, and an assessment quiz at the end. 

By the end of the course you would be able to understand:

  • Laws of Nature cure

  • Common Myths regarding Food & Medicine

  • Concept of Deficiency

  • The Root Cause of Diseases

  • Different Stages of Disease

  • Practical ways to Apply Nature Cure in Daily Life


Course Fee: INR 1099/-

About Kalyan Sarkar

Kalyan, the Founder of PSYsolution, is a Psychologist and a Pure Nature Cure practitioner. Having delivered over 50 programs via workshops and online courses all over India & teaching over 2000 students from across the world, he has meticulously designed this course for anyone to understand the basics of Nature Cure. He is also the principal convenor of HOMEOSTASIS, the world’s first Pure Nature Cure Conference, which started in 2019.

Transform Your Health. Discover the Power of Nature Cure.


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