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Plant-Based Indian Cooking (E-learning Program)

Jan 29, 2021

A Comprehensive Healthy Cooking Course by Holistic Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach Vinita Contractor

  • Easily move to a healthy, plant-based Indian diet
  • Speed up weight loss, health recovery
  • Boost immunity, heal with Natural foods
  • Oil-free, Gluten-free, Dairy-Free, Recipe options
  • Fun & Engaging E-Learning Experience

BOOK NOW @1999/-

Your health begins in the kitchen, and so do many deadly diseases - including heart problems, obesity, diabetes & even cancer! How & What you eat defines your life energies, immunity and happiness levels.

Wellcure has designed an eye-opener e-learning course 'Plant-based Indian Cooking' for those who wish to lead a healthy lifestyle. This program will guide you through making nutritious meals at your own pace & from the comfort of your own kitchen. It will help you redefine your everyday menu, making it more wholesome & healing. Learn to make easy, nutritious, plant-based Indian meals with us to be the best versions of yourselves.

Reboot your food-style the way nature has planned for us, because that is the pathway to a wholesome, healthy life. The techniques you learn here can be applied to make any kind of food healthier.

Join the course to learn nutritious recipes and modify your eating habits for a healthier future.  

This is a signature program, created to Eat for Longevity, Health, Beauty & Active Body

Enhance Health:

  • Lose weight, improve skin

  • Boost digestive health

  • Manage weight & cholesterol 

Course Highlights:

  • Vegan-friendly, tasty recipes
  • Gluten-free options for all meals
  • Oil-free cooking techniques
  • Simple, fun-to-make recipes
  • Engaging e-learning experience


The course comprises over 40 hours of healthy cooking lessons curated by Vinita Contactor, the renowned holistic nutritionist and life coach.

  • Over 50 lessons and 40 videos,
  • More than 70 recipes (salads, drinks, main course, snacks and desserts)
  • Simple, quick and healthy cooking methods
  • Right cooking equipments, methods and ingredient sourcing
  • Understand basic principles of nutrition
  • Tips to include more healthy foods into your daily diet
  • Tips to overcome the challenges

Unlimited access to course at your convenience

Wellcure's Natural Health Coaches to answer all your queries through the e-learning platform


Course fee: INR 1999/-

Get a Complimentary Healthy Cookbook worth INR 500/- with over 50+ healthy recipes

After the course, you will receive the Certificate of Completion from Wellcure.

Cook natural, eat the way nature wants us to and stay healthy naturally!

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