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Vegan & Dairy-Free

Cheese Making

LIVE Program

06 March 2024 | 3-5 PM (IST)

Make More Than 7 Types of Delectable Vegan Cheese

100% Plant-Based | No Processed Sugar | No Gluten | No-Guilt
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Your Health Food Instructor

By Health Food Curator

Smita Dedhia

Smita founded Nirvana, a health food service brand in 2015, she has been following a plant-based lifestyle for 10 years. She was also an expert panelist at SHARAN. Her recipes are made with wholesome ingredients that are good for the gut and pleasure the tongue.

Program Fee: INR 999/-

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Why Opt for Dairy-Free Cheese?

Vegan Cheese Contains No Cholesterol & Much Less Saturated Fat Than Dairy Cheese

Being Vegan Isn’t Enough, Switch To Healthy Veganism

Most store-bought vegan cheese contains harmful chemicals, preservatives, and processed sugar or gluten. Make vegan cheese at home, cut out all ingredients that make you gain weight, or accumulate disease-causing toxins in your body.

What Will You Learn?

  • Make healthy cheese without dairy or processed products, with 100% plant-based ingredients
  • Vegan cheese making techniques and tips
  • Make common recipes using vegan cheese, such as Bruschetta and Pizza
  • To make different forms of cheese - Cubes, Spread, Shreddable
  • Tips to store dairy-free cheese, shelf-life, how to use it in recipes, and more

Program Schedule

Make rich & delicious cheese without a drop of Dairy!

Healthy Cheese Introduction

LIVE Demonstration of Recipes

  1. Basic Cheese (+variation dip)
  2. Herby Cheese
  3. Tofu Gouda
  4. Feta Cheese
  5. Mozzarella Cheese
  6. Shreddable  Cheese
  7. Parmesan Cheese

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Program Fee: INR 999/-

Discounted Price: INR 799/-


  • 1 LIVE Program Session
  • LIVE Demonstration of 7 Recipes
  • E-book with Additional Recipes
  • Vegan Cheese-making Techniques & Processes 
  • Access To The Workshop Recording for 1 Year
  • WhatsApp Support
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Disclaimer: All our programs are based on diet and lifestyle changes, as per nature cure. The corrective measures and suggestions by our health experts may differ for different people, resulting in varying healing outcomes / health results, depending on a person's health condition, body type and health goals.


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