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Enhance Your Immunity and Gut Health Through Fermented Foods

10+ Probiotic Recipes | Step-by-step & Detailed Demo | E-Learning & Troubleshooting Support


The Probiotics Program

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Sunmeet Taluja Marwaha

(Natural Beauty & Wellness Coach)

Sunmeet is a Natural Beauty & Wellness Coach who deeply believe in an environment-friendly lifestyle. She is passionate about nourishing people with ‘real, plant-based food’ to live disease-free. She is also the co-founder of natural beauty products, brand ‘Natuur’.

LIVE demonstration of 5 Probiotics Recipes:

  • Kombucha
  • Nut milk kefir
  • Fermented tomato ketchup
  • Potato Beet pickled salad
  • Fermented brown rice

And much more!

BONUS LIVE Demo 3 Probiotic Salad Dressings

  1. Probiotic avocado dressing
  2. Creamy carrot ginger dressing
  3. Lemon poppy dressing

LIVE session recordings & additional probiotics recipe videos (mentioned below) available on the Wellcure e-learning for 1-Year:

Sauerkraut | Coconut Water Kefir | Apple Cider Vinegar
Homemade Ginger Ale | Ginger Bug

Program Schedule:

Mode: Zoom Cloud and E-Learning

LIVE Session Recording on Zoom: 

  • Introduction to Probiotics - 15 mins
  • LIVE Demo of 5 Probiotic Recipes
  • BONUS LIVE Demo of 3 Probiotic Salad Dressings
  • Q&A

Extended Support

  • E-mail support for 30 days post-workshop
  • Q&A on the e-learning website


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Frequently Asked Questions

Get Your Questions Answered

What are fermented foods?

Fermentation is a process in which we induce microbial growth in foods to make them tasty, easily digestible and healthy. ...It is an age-old practice to preserve food and beverages.

I have never tried fermentation. Can I join this course?

This course is beginner-friendly so yes you may join. ...You will have the support of the program expert for 30 days during which you can try the recipes and get your queries answered.

Why are fermented foods good for health?

Fermented foods are a rich source of probiotics, which are good microorganisms that promote our gut health and strengthen our immune system. ...

Will I require special ingredients to make fermented foods?

The ingredients used in all the recipes are easily available. ...

What if I am unable to attend the LIVE Sessions?

You can access the recording of the LIVE session at Wellcure e-learning...