Manage Stress, Sleep Easy

  • Relieve stress & anxiety 
  • Overcome sleep deprivation
  • Enhance memory & mental health
  • Manage sugar & cholesterol levels
  • Improve immunity & digestive health



Sleep & Stress Management E-Learning Program

By Wellcure’s Natural Health Coaches

(Expert & Trained Practitioners of Lifestyle Medicines, Yoga & Nature Cure)

Program Fee: 

INR ₹499/-

Program Highlights:

  • Yoga Nidra for Better Sleep

  • Relaxation Techniques

  • 1 Video Download: Yoga Capsule for Stress Management 

  • 3 Audio Downloads on Meditation & Breathing Practices

  • Exclusive Video Interview with Mental Health Expert

  • Daily-life tips for easy implementation


Easy ways to De-Stress

The program is focussed on practical tools & strategies that are easy to implement in your daily busy schedule. Step-by-step guidance and special tips on adopting the strategies.

Special Yoga Capsule 

A carefully curated combination of yoga asanas for stress relief.

Nature Cure Therapies

Natural techniques to help you manage stress: Hydrotherapy, Suntherapy, Acupressure Tips & Massages.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Get Your Questions Answered

How can this program help?

The program will help you understand the stress and sleep with a deeper perspective. ...You will get the tools and ways to tackle both the issues effectively in your busy daily life.

Which tools will be used for managing stress?

We will delve into practical tools and strategies on tackling stress including the role of breath and mind. ...We will learn about simple interventions we can make in our busy lives to build our resilience to stress.

How will this help you sleep better?

You will learn about the practice of Yogic nap and the science behind it for achieving better sleep and long-term health. ...You will also learn about simple sleep routines and hacks.

Can I download the audio/ video files in the course?

Resources from the download section of the course can be downloaded. ...There are 3 audio downloads, 1 video download & 1 FREE E-Book.


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