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Learn the Science behind Your Body 

This course provides basic understanding of the principles of nature cure and its implementation in our daily living to achieve optimum health. It provides clear scientific and rational explanation of the body’s actions to maintain balance. This course answers your questions related to “Why Disease“ and how to achieve maximum health following a holistic path. 

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Discover the Science of Nature Cure

This course explores to understand the laws of nature and its effects on us.  Apart from this a comprehensive understanding of the formation of disease and its progression from acute to chronic state is dealt with.

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Demystify Myths about Health

This course would help you understand the common myths related to Food, Medicines & Infection. Moreover, it will also help in exploring ways to think rationally taking every step your journey to Healthy Living. 

10 Factors of Good Health

After understanding the concepts and laws of nature cure application of these in daily living is of vital importance. In this module, practical tips are included to bring about a positive change in your health.

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About the Instructor

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The Founder of PSYsolutions

Kalyan, the Founder of PSYsolution, is a Psychologist and a Pure Nature Cure practitioner having delivered over 50 programs via workshops and online courses all over India teaching over 2000 students from across the world. 

He is also the principal convenor of HOMEOSTASIS, the world’s first Pure Nature Cure Conference, started in 2019.

Kalyan has meticulously designed this course for anyone to understand the basics of this science.

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Nature cure does not accept anything on the basis of reference, ethics or any faith. It analyses reasons behind every aspect and then proposes recommendation. If certain aspects cannot be understood in nature, it is left and any assumptions are not made.



All You Need is The First Step Towards Healthy Lifestyle

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