Get Relief From Common Allergy Symptoms Such As

Bloating | Sneezing | Fatigue | Headache | Watery Eyes | Itches & Rashes


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Natural Therapies For Allergies


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  • Understand Allergies From Nature’s View

  • Fasting & Improving Your Gut Health

  • Allergy-Free Cooking Tips

  • Natural Therapies & Diet Plan


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DAY 1: Understanding Allergies

  • Food & Non Food Allergies

  • Progression of Allergic Reactions

  • Understanding Triggers

  • Short Term, Long Term, and Quick Relief

  • Practical: Jala Neti

DAY 2: Food Allergies

  • Causes
  • Label Reading
  • Role of Common Allergens and Substitutes
  • Healing Stories and Real-Life Cases

DAY 3: Healing Diet Plan & Therapies

  • How, What, When of Food and Sample Diet Plan
  • Yoga Nidra for Stress Management
  • Practical: Dry Brushing For Lymph Drainage
  • FAQ
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BONUS Takeaways

5 Immunity Balancing Recipe Videos

Almond Milk | Millet Roti | Raw Nut Balls | Cold Soup | Smoothie

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Dr. Prashanthi Atluri, MBBS, M.D.

18+ Yrs of Medical Experience | Natural Health Expert 

Based in Louisiana (USA) Dr. Prashanthi Atluri integrates natural healing with medical science in a unique way, to prevent and cure diseases. She has helped hundreds of patients to reverse chronic diseases such as diabetes, BP, Cholesterol, and Allergies through a natural diet, lifestyle, and therapies.

Asha Shivaram

Nature Cure Health Coach 

She is a Nature Cure practitioner and Natural Health Coach. She practices a nature-synced lifestyle. She and her family have lived a sugar-free lifestyle for several years now. She is passionate about spreading the message of a return to total health by following nature’s laws.

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