Learn Hydrotherapies, Solar Therapy, Air Therapies & Breathwork To Heal Various Diseases and Boost Your Overall Health!

Natural Therapies To Heal Diseases

Online Course

By Dr. Arun Sharma

  • Nature Cure Pioneer & Master Educator
  • Founder & Director - Institute Of Mahayoga & Natural Hygiene (IMANAH), USA
  • 500+ Nature Cure Workshops
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This Course Is For You If You Have:

Been dealing with lifestyle or other diseases such as: Jaundice, Anemia, Kidney Infection, Arthritis, Eczema, Psoriasis, Eye & Vision Problems

High Stress Levels

Low Blood Circulation 

Excess Body Fat

Constant Pain in Spine, Hip or Abdomen 

Frequent Headache, Whooping Cough, Constipation or other Stomach Discomforts

Renew Your Health with the 5 Natural Elements
Air | Water | Fire | Space | Earth

Heal Diseases | Lose Weight | Boost Immunity | Improve Blood Circulation

Course Structure:

 10 Exclusively Curated Video Lessons By Dr. Arun Sharma:

  • Understanding Healing Power of Air (1st Natural Element)
    • Importance of skin breathing
    • Ultimate Guide to Pranayama
    • Removal of toxins from body
  • Learning Fire (Second Natural Element)
    • Understanding Concepts of Ojas & Tejas
    • Solar therapy for Health
    • Sun Gazing for Eye Health
    • Sun Bath to get rid of Diseases 

  • Introduction to the Healing energy of Water (Third Natural Element)
    • Understanding Science behind Hydrotherapy 
    • Practical demos of Spinal Bath, Hip bath, Cooling wet pack
    • Learn How to do Tona

  • Medical Yoga Techniques 
    • Postures & Poses
    • Healing Exercises 

  • Food based Healing

  • Natural Lifestyle for Better Health
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