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Don’t Let ‘Back Pain’ Pull You Down

  • Beat Cervical Spondylitis, Back & Knee Pain

  • Yoga Asanas, Acupressure & Nutrition 

  • Personal Consultation & Group Sessions 

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Natural Therapies For Back & Knee Pain
E-Learning Program

By Wellcure’s Natural Health Coaches

Rachna Bothra

(an expert Yoga & Acupressure Therapist)

Course Price: INR 999/-

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Course Includes:


  • Acupressure point for relieving Cervical Spondylitis (1 point)

  • Acupressure points for relieving Back, Knee & legs pain (10 points)

  • 4 Yoga asanas especially to manage Cervical, Back, & Knee pain

  • 1 session on Nutrition Guidance from Wellcure Expert Coach 

  • Understand & work on the causes of pain

  • Access to Workshop Recording for 1 Year

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Course Details:


  • Acupressure Points

  • Yoga Exercise for Back pain & Cervical spondylitis

  • Yoga Exercise for Knee pain

  • Nutrition Guidance

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Yoga asanas help to relieve pain through stretching and strengthening muscles. Yoga poses to teach your body proper alignment & maintaining good posture. Through specific yoga asanas muscles gain flexibility and balance.

Acupressure, an alternative medicine technique is a safe & painless practice for relieving, preventing & healing pains. By applying physical pressure to specific points in the body, the blockages in the ‘meridians’ are cleared. As per Acupressure, Meridians are the channels through which our life energy flows in the body.

Right Nutrition supports the holistic healing of pains by supplying your body with the required vitamins, minerals & other nutrients through whole foods and removing the causes of toxin accumulation that leads to pains.

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Saurabh Patel

"The course was amazing with unique exercises. It was very informative & helped me reduce pain."

Udani Bansari

"Simple and easy poses, but very effective. Less time consuming, but still, deliver the results. The course was value for money & very satisfying. My pain has reduced to 25-30%."

Reetu Durga

"Wonderful experience. Excellent modified yoga poses specifically for the knee. My knee pain has reduced significantly. It was worth the money"

Rachna Bothra

(an expert Yoga & Acupressure Therapist)

She is an expert in acupressure and therapeutic Yoga. She is also a motivated Yoga Instructor with advanced knowledge of Yoga. She has been a yoga practitioner for more than 30 years (started at the age of 8). She has experience in training individuals groups in Asanas, Pranayama, Meditation, Knee Therapy, and addressing common health issues related to knee and leg pain with modified Yoga. She has been actively conducting workshops, corporate sessions, and individual training for Knee Yoga Training. She enjoys inspiring others to improve wellness and commit to long-term health and fitness goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get Your Questions Answered

Will the Yoga and acupressure techniques advised here cure back pain, knee pain, or cervical pain?

Regular practice of Yoga asanas, right nutrition, and application of acupressure techniques are required for them to have their effect and relieve your pain....

How long will it take for the pain to go doing these exercises?

It varies from case to case. The therapist can address this concern during the personal consultation session....

Will there be a diet plan?

You will be given advice on diet to ease your pain and improve the health of muscles during the Nutrition Guidance session. ...

Which acupressure techniques be used in the Course?

The therapist will share knowledge on acupressure points and how they can be used to ease your pain. ...

Which techniques will be used in the E-Learning program?

A combination of yoga postures, acupressure points & application of pressure on them, and Nutrition advice....

Can it heal arthritic pain?

The exercises and techniques taught in the program will help in easing the leg and knee joint pain....

How many days will have course access?

Course Access for 1-Year...

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