Juice Cleanse

A 6-Day guided program to help you Detox and Lose Weight (Includes 3 days of Nutritious Juice Fasting)



Program date: 24-29 July | 3:00-4:30 PM

(3-Days of Juice-Based Fasting)

This workshop is for you, if you want to:

  • Get clearer skin & lighter body

  • Detox and nutrify yourself

  • Deep cleanse your digestive system

  • Lose ‘stubborn’ weight

Fasting for

Meal Plan

17+ Nutritional

Expert Guidance & Support

Benefits of Juice Cleanse:

  • Helps to lose weight in a healthy and nutritious way

  • Freshly juiced vegetables & fruits are immunity boosting

  • Helps to curb unhealthy food habits

  • Defogs your brain

  • Resets your metabolism

  • Accelerates healing 

  • Brings your health, balance back

How To Know If Your Body Needs A Detox?

  • You feel tired and energyless often

  • You crave sugary or fried foods

  • You suffer from gas, constipation, or bloating

  • You have skin issues and ailments

  • You depend on coffee or tea to wake up & survive the day

  • You suffer from insomnia or other sleep issues

Juices provide the most nutrients and require the least amount of energy for digestion.

As our digestive system’s workload is reduced, it focuses on clearing up the leftover toxins and undigested material from the intestines, resulting in an effective and natural detox.



Day 1: LIVE Session| 24 July, 3-4:30 PM

  1. Why should you do a juice cleanse?
  2. Juice cleanse benefits 
  3. Ways to cleanse with vegetables & fruit juices
  4. Fasting for Detox - types, benefits, process & frequency

Day 2: Prepare: 25 JULY

  1. Shop for ingredients
  2. Start eating as per the suggested meal-plan
  3. Ask your queries on the WhatsApp group

Day 3 to 5: Juice Fasting: 26-28 JULY

  1. Fast on juices for 3 days as per the meal plan
  2. Resolve your challenges via WhatsApp group support

Day 6: Break-the-Fast: 29 JULY

  1. Complete the last leg of juice detox
  2. Continue the meal-plan
  3. Share your experiences on the WhatsApp group

It is fun and motivating when you do it together!

All participants of the program will be part of the WhatsApp group to share, inspire and motivate each other.


  • Pregnant/nursing women
  • Old and infirm people
  • Anorexic people or those who suffer from other eating disorders
  • People who are emaciated from HIV and AIDS
  • Diabetics (if monitored by your GP, fasting can be done)
  • Hypoglycemic (low blood sugar) conditions
  • Children
  • Those who are physically very active can take these days off for rest
  • Those with health concerns OR on any kind of medication or supplement must consult their GP before committing to the fast.

You Will Also Get A Program E-Book comprising of:

Guidelines for Juice Cleanse & Fasting

5-Day Meal Plan

17+ Recipes

Workshop Fee: INR 499/-

Meal Plan for Juice Cleanse & Fasting 

1 LIVE Session to Get Started

WhatsApp Group Support for 5 Days

Program E-Book with 17+ Recipes & Meal Plan

Access to the Program’s Recording for 1 Year



Priyanka Jain

Priyanka Jain, a Plant-Based Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach, and a Fitness enthusiast who firmly believes in “Refuse, Reuse, Reduce, Recycle”. Through her YouTube channel Hygiene and You & brand SochGreen, she educates about the importance of Clean Eating, Natural Lifestyle, Women's Health & and provides Smart, Sustainable, eco-friendly period products.

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