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Increase Your Haemoglobin Naturally 


Know the Right Diet & Natural Therapies to Reverse Iron Deficiency & Improve Hemoglobin

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55% of Women In India have Anemia

~ National Family Health Survey (III)


A Key Reason for Anemia is the Deficiency of Iron or Vitamin B12.


With a balanced & nutritious diet and healthy lifestyle practices, it is possible to significantly improve your Hemoglobin levels and maintain them for life!
This workshop will help you improve your Hb levels without any dietary supplements


This workshop is for you, if:
  • You have low Hb levels
  • You have been dealing with anaemia or iron deficiency for some time
  • You want to improve your Hb levels naturally
  • You want to maintain healthy Hb levels for life


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Expected Results:

After following the practices showcased in the workshop for 4-6 weeks, you can expect to have:

  • Enhanced Hb count
  • Improved energy levels
  • Reduced headaches
  • Better muscle strength
  • No pale skin or gums

What will You Learn?

Decode Anaemia
  1. Understand the root cause & symptoms of anaemia 
  2. How anaemia impacts the health of your organs?
  3. How to maximise the absorption of iron by the body?
  4. Role of a healthy microbiome in fighting anaemia
  5. Anaemia myth busters

Diet & Therapies To Improve Haemoglobin
  1. Gorilla foods for improving iron deficiency
  2. Chlorophyll Therapy & Juice therapy 
  3. Haemoglobin-friendly kitchen practices 
  4. How to avoid iron blockers? 
  5. Lifestyle practices & natural therapies
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Program Fee

INR ₹999/-

  • 1 Recorded Interactive Session with Experts
  • Diet & Natural Therapies to Boost Haemoglobin
  • 1 Natural Foods & Recipes E-book - Green Your Life
  • 3 Days WhatsApp Support
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Workshop + Customized Diet Plan for Iron Deficiency

INR ₹1,599/-

Expert Recommended 7-day Personalized plan to increase Hemoglobin & rectify Iron Deficiency

(Created only for you by Expert Nutritionists after Health Assessment) 

What’s ncluded in the Plan?
  • 1-week Rotational Diet Chart (Can Be Repeated After 1 Week)
  • DIY Natural Therapies to maximise iron absorption
  • Guidance to include Iron Rich foods in the diet
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Disclaimer: All our programs are based on diet and lifestyle changes, as per nature cure. The corrective measures and suggestions by our health experts may differ for different people, resulting in varying healing outcomes / health results, depending on a person's health condition, body type and health goals.


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