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Learn To Make 100% Plant-based Chocolate Delicacies 

Healthy Chocolate Desserts

Recorded Program

By Kashish Amit

  • Founder - Happy Vegan
  • Vegan Chef & Culinary Educator
  • Creating Eco-friendly, Organic & Healthy Indulgent Foods since 2019 - Vegan ice creams, chocolates, Brownies, dips, sauces, dressings & much more
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Dairy-Free | Gluten-Free | Preservative-Free

Made With Healthier Natural Sugars Only!

Program Fee: INR 688/-  

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Kashish Amit

A Vegan Chef, Culinary Educator & Founder of Happy Vegan
Faced with the problem of finding healthy alternatives to indulgent foods, & following her passion for a vegan lifestyle, fitness instructor Kashish Amit founded Happy Vegan in 2019. She believes that good, healthy food is the start for a change - for your & your family’s happiness & the environment.
Following this principle, Happy Vegan sources and produces only organic & eco-friendly products and recipes, with no-added-sugar. Their products are guilt-free, home-made, healthy, vegan & easily accessible - ranging from dips, sauces, dressings, to idli-dosa batters & brownies.

Create Plant-based Chocolate Desserts That Everyone Loves!

Workshop Recipes:

  1. Vegan Dark Chocolate (Base Recipe)
  2. Cranberry Chocolate Bar
  3. Chocolate Almond Butter Fudge
  4. Pistachio & Rose Chocolate Cake
  5. Vegan Condensed Milk
  6. Dark Chocolate Bliss Balls


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Indulge & Celebrate Chocolate without Guilt
All the recipes are vegan, gluten-free, made with natural sugars, and contain no artificial additives.
Plant-based Culinary Experience
Don’t compromise on eating healthfully and mindfully. We support your natural living by helping you make healthier choices.


Program Fee: INR 688/-

  • Make your own healthy chocolate at home from scratch!
  • 6 lip-smacking chocolate recipes
  • Recorded Training Session
  • Chocolate recipes e-book
  • Workshop recording access for 1 year
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Disclaimer: All our programs are based on diet and lifestyle changes, as per nature cure. The corrective measures and suggestions by our health experts may differ for different people, resulting in varying healing outcomes / health results, depending on a person's health condition, body type and health goals.


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