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Heal Gut Naturally

1-Month Group Coaching Program

29 Nov - 27 Dec 2023 | 5:00-6:30 PM

Detox Your Digestive System, Reset Your Health

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Program Fee: INR ₹2,500

Discounted Price: INR 2,000/-

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Your Program Instructors

By Holistic Nutritionist


Masters in Nutrition & Dietitics 
By Clinical Dietician


Nutrition Executive & Food Researcher
The Gut Is Called The Second Brain! An Unhealthy Gut Doesn’t Just Affect Your Physical Health, But Your Mental & Emotional Well-Being Too 


A Healthy Gut Can Relieve You Of Acne, Hair Fall, Food Intolerances, Constipation, Acidity, Bloating, Low Immunity, Unexplained Weight Gain, Anxiety
You Need A Gut Cleanse If You Are Experiencing:
  • Digestive Issues - bloating, belching, leaky gut, IBS, acidity, constipation
  • Stubborn Weight
  • Skin & Hair Issues - eczema, acne, hair fall
  • Lowered Immunity
  • Thyroid, PCOS or other Hormonal Imbalance related health issues
Reduce Gut Inflammation | Increase Nutrient Absorption
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Expected Results?

Healthy Gut

Better Digestive Health

Stronger Immunity

Weight Loss/ Gain

Clearer Skin

Healthier Hair

Improve Sleep Quality

Group Coaching Program Schedule

LIVE Session 1: 29 Nov 2023 (Wed) | 5:00-6:30 PM

How To Remove Toxins, Redesign & Recharge Your Gut Health?
  1. Triggers of poor gut health
  2. The Gut Clock 
  3. ‘Hydrotherapy’ to Heal Gut
  4. Cravings Management
  5. How to Fix your Gut - Week 1 Plan
LIVE Session 2: 13 Dec 2023 (Wed) | 5-6 PM

Repair Your Gut 
  1. Fermented Drinks to improve digestion
  2. Accelerate Gut Healing with ‘Gut Cleansing Therapies’ 
  3. ‘Heliotherapy’ to improve Gut Function
  4. Vagus Nerve Activation
  5. Experience sharing and Q & A
LIVE Session 3: 27 Dec 2023 (Wed) | 5-6 PM

Sustain The Plan
  1. Progress tracking & Experience sharing
  2. An ‘easy-to-follow plan’ to maintain Gut health
  3. Wins & Challenges
Bonus Resources:
Guided Meditation Tools | Gut Health Yoga Asanas | Probiotic Recipes E-book  (16 Recipes)

Program Fee: INR ₹2,500

INR ₹2,000/-

Discounted Price

  • 3 LIVE Interactive Sessions
  • Weekly Gut Reboot Diet Plans
  • 30-Day Active WhatsApp Support
  • Probiotic Recipes E-book
  • Gut Health Yoga & Meditation
Disclaimer: All our programs are based on diet and lifestyle changes, as per nature cure. The corrective measures and suggestions by our health experts may differ for different people, resulting in varying healing outcomes / health results, depending on a person's health condition, body type and health goals.

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