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Grow Microgreens

with Village Story

Program Date: 25-26 June | 11 AM - 12:30 PM

Program Fee:
INR 699/-


Add Flavor & Super-Nutrition to Your Meals

  • Learn to Grow Microgreens in Little Space & Sunlight

  • Hacks & Tips for Plant-Care and Harvesting

  • Discover Ways to Consume Microgreens

Session 1: Theory & all about Microgreens

  • What is Microgreens
  • Benefits and advantages
  • Difference between Microgreens vs sprouts
  • Microgreens supplies
  • Which all seeds are required

Session 2: DIY & Recipes

  • How to grow microgreens (soil & water)
  • How to care for & harvest microgreens
  • How  to prepare microgreens & consume
  • How many microgreens to eat in each meal
  • Virtual Tour the Village Story microgreens farm

WhatsApp support: 25th, 26th June, 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM: To help you grow your microgreens

After enrolling in the workshop, participants will receive the list of required equipment, ingredients, details on the Village Story microgreens growing kit, and the link to buy it.

Program Fee:
INR 699/-

2 LIVE Interactive Session

Introduction to Microgreens | Growing microgreens along with the presenter

Ways to consume Microgreens | Q&A

E-Book on Microgreen Recipes

Recording of the full workshop for 90 days access 

Q&A Support via Whatsapp


Anamika Bist

(Founder of Village Story)

Anamika Bist graduated from SNDT college in Mumbai, earned a PG degree from NIFT, Delhi, and served 21 yrs of corporate life in the Indian retail industry with National & International brands, before founding the ‘Village Story’ in 2017 - a passionate and positive community that is deeply connected to nature, and committed to healthy living by practicing healthy habits.

Microgreens - Live & Natural Multivitamins

Microgreens are live, functional food, as they contain a wide range of vital nutrients ( eg vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and enzymes) Just by eating a handful of Red cabbage microgreens gives up to 40 times more vitamin E than its mature ones.

Connect with Nature, Grow Your Own Food

Eat organic and freshly harvested microgreens daily when you have grown them at home. All that you need is a little space & some sunlight.

Microgreen Recipes

Learn a variety of ways to eat microgreens every day at the LIVE recipe demonstration. Sprinkle them on salads, Roll them in your wraps or Add them to your soups, smoothies & juices

Help Kids Grow & Eat The Greens

Kids can easily learn this skill too. The activity will nurture their interest in nature, healthy food, and increases their interest in eating greens.


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