Buy Today! D-I-Y Aroma Candles Live Workshop @Just Rs. 599/-

Craft Your Own Candles
Using Safe, Non-Toxic Ingredients!

No Paraffin Wax | No Toxic Chemicals

No Polluting Substances | No Artificial Scents


DIY Aroma Candles Workshop


Workshop Fee: 

INR 599/-


 Combo price with Natural Designer Soaps Workshop 

INR 999/-


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Program Highlights:

  • Toxic Chemicals To Watch Out For In Candles
  •  Safe Bases For Candle Making
  • Best Essential Oil Combinations For Candles
  • Natural Vibrant Colours For Candle Making
  • LIVE Demo of 6 Candle Recipes 
  • 2 BONUS Recipes in the Free E-Book
  • 1-Year Recording Access
  • 30 Day Email Support With The Expert

Workshop Schedule: 

1. Theory (Introduction to Candle Making At Home)

  • Why go natural?
  • Toxic Chemicals In Candles
  • Top Essential Oils For Candle Making
  • Essential Ingredients For Candle Making
  • Safe Bases For Candle Making
  • Natural Vibrant Colours For Candle Making

2. Practical Demo (6 Recipes)

  • Happy Vibes Vanilla Coffee Candle
  • Rose Ylang Ylang Romance Candle
  • Bug Repellent Citronella Neem Candle
  • Super Relaxing Lavender Candle
  • Energy Booster Orange, Peppermint Candle
  • Anti-Ageing Frankincense Candle

3. Q&A to resolve your queries

BONUS: Free Ebook on DIY Aroma Candles with stepwise recipes covered in the workshop along with 2 bonus recipes. Amazon links for ingredients included.

Email Support for 30 days after the workshop to answer your queries while you try the recipes taught in the workshop.


Sunmeet Taluja Marwaha

(Natural Beauty & Wellness Coach)

She is a Natural Beauty & Wellness Coach. Being a Dutch citizen, the environment-friendly culture of the Netherlands inculcated wellness in Sunmeet’s lifestyle right from childhood. A few years ago, she overcame certain health issues by following a holistic approach to health. Ever since she has been passionate about nourishing her near & dear ones in the best way possible, giving them real food, and keeping them disease-free. Sunmeet is also an entrepreneur & co-founder of natural beauty products brand ‘Natuur’.


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