DIY Aroma Candles

Recorded Program

Craft Your Own Candles Using Safe, Non-Toxic Ingredients!

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No Paraffin Wax | No Toxic Chemicals |Ā No Polluting Substances | No Artificial Scents

Your Beauty & Wellness Care Instructor

By Natural Beauty & Wellness Coach


  • 5+ YearsĀ of Beauty & Wellness Experience
  • 2000+Ā Beautiful Students
  • Holistic Health &Ā Plant-Based Lifestyle Coach
  • Co-founder of Natural Beauty Products BrandĀ ā€˜Natuurā€™.

Program Price: INR 749/-

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Aroma Candle + Natural Designer SoapsĀ RecordingĀ 
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Natural Designer Soaps Recorded Program


Program Highlights:

  • Toxic Chemicals To Watch Out For In Candles
  • Safe Bases For Candle Making
  • Best Essential Oil Combinations For Candles
  • Natural Vibrant Colours For Candle Making
  • LIVE Demo of 6 Candle RecipesĀ 
  • 2 BONUS Recipes in the Free E-Book
  • 1-Year Recording Access
  • 30 Day Email Support With The Expert

Program Schedule:

Theory (Introduction to Candle Making At Home)

  • Why go Natural?
  • Toxic Chemicals In Candles
  • Top Essential Oils For Candle Making
  • Essential Ingredients For Candle Making
  • Safe Bases For Candle Making
  • Natural Vibrant Colours For Candle Making

Live Practical Demo (6 Recipes)

  • Romance Candle
  • Bug Repellent Candle
  • Relaxing Calming Candle
  • EnergyĀ & Mental Alertness Candle
  • Happiness Candle
  • Prosperity Enhancing Candle
Bonus Recipes (Only to be Included in the Recipe E-Book)
  • Massage Candle
  • MeditationĀ & Yoga Candle

Q&A to resolve your queries

Email Support for 30 days after the workshop to answer your queries while you try the recipes taught in the workshop.

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