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Go Grain-Free Reboot Your Health









Detox Naturally, Reboot Your Body

  • Get rid of toxins

  • Revie your body systems

  • Feel lighter & calmer

  • Boost health & immunity

  • 4 LIVE Calls


Cleanse - 3 Day Raw Challenge

by Bhavna Kapoor

(Certified Holistic Health Coach)

Program Inclusive:

  1. 4 LIVE ZOOM Calls: 1 Pre-program orientation call. 3 calls to support you through the cleanse challenge, give a deeper understanding of the plant-based lifestyle and connect with a community of like-minded people.
  2. A 3-day RAW meal plan: You’ll see that raw foods are just so much more than salads!
  3. BONUS: 6 Grain-free Meal Recipes for those who find completely raw to be too tough.
  4. Shopping list: to help you procure the ingredients for the challenge and the recipes

WhatsApp group support for 5 days

Program Date: 23rd - 25th Jan 2021

Time: 6 PM - 7 PM 

Workshop Fee: INR 1100/-


Bookings close on 22nd January 2021

Flush Out Toxins. Eat Raw & Cleanse. 

Even if you try your best to eat clean, wholesome food, toxins do enter your body through water, air, and food. Whether you eat processed or natural foods, some amount of unwanted substances do find their way into your bodies. Regular detoxification of your body flushes out residual toxins, keeping your body cleanse from inside and hence preventing diseases.

Reset Your Body. Revive Your Health.

Detox cleanses your body. A clean body has better energy, clarity of mind, and improved immunity. Give your body systems a break to reboot. Include a good dose of fiber & nutrients through fruits and vegetables in daily diet.

Program Goals:

  • A gentle cleanse of your body & removal of toxins

  • Include more fruits and vegetables in your diet

  • Get a taste of the plant-based lifestyle and its health benefits

Program Schedule: 4 Live Zoom Calls:

  • 8th Oct: Basic overview of the Program:
    • Gear up for the program
    • Setting intentions & objectives
    • Tips on how to prepare, time-saving strategies, and how to deal with detox
  • 10th Oct: Raw 101
    • The benefits of eating raw 
    • When & how much to have it
    • Tips and tricks to prepare easy delicious recipes
  • 11th Oct: Beating Cravings and addictions
    • Learn where the cravings are coming from 
    • How to build habits to manage cravings
  • 12th October: Breaking the Cleanse and Future Plan
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Detox, Cleanse & Feel Lighter

A raw diet cleanses your body from the inside. A clean body has better energy, a clear mind, and improved immunity.

Simple & Short Program

The 3-day challenge aims at gently cleansing your body, and include more fruits & vegetables in your diet.

Eat Nutrient-dense Foods

Get a good dose of fiber & nutrients through fruits and vegetables, which will also rebuild your gut.

Reboot Your Health

Give your body systems a break from eating grains that are heavy on digestion & leave acidic residues.

Tasty Recipes

Learn creative & delicious ways to include more fruits & vegetables in your diet

Program Schedule: LIVE Calls (6:00 PM - 7:00 PM)

  • 22nd Jan: Basic overview of the Program
    • Gear up for the program
    • Setting intentions
    • Tips on how to prepare and time-saving tactics
    • How to deal with detox
  • 23rd Jan: Raw 101
    • Benefits of going raw
    • When, how & how much 
    • Tips and tricks to prepare easy delicious recipes
  • 24th Jan: Beating Cravings and addictions
    • Learn where the cravings are coming from 
    • How to build habits to manage cravings 
  • 25th Jan: Breaking the Cleanse and the Action Plan going forward
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~ Testimonials ~

Deepali Rathod

I could feel how relaxed my gut was

“The raw diet was a completely new experience. Though it felt challenging at the beginning, by the end of three days, I felt much lighter and was less bloated. It was really refreshing and the different recipes that came with the challenge were interesting and delicious. I would definitely do it again as it made me feel energetic and I could feel how relaxed my gut was. Overall it was a fantastic experience and I look forward to doing it again!” 

Monika Mehrotra

It felt impossible, but your menu made it simple & enjoyable

“Thanks a lot, Bhavana for this lovely program. By the name of the program, (Raw cleanse) it felt impossible to do, but your beautifully and carefully designed menu made everything so simple and enjoyable. Each and every recipe was delicious, simply loved it.” 


Get Your Questions Answered

Who is the instructor?

Bhavna Kapoor, is a certified Holistic Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, New York. She is one of the first health coaches in India, specializing in plant-based nutrition and cooking. ...She has over 30 years of training in Iyengar Yoga and is deeply devoted to the study and practice of healing through natural food and living. Bhavna’s personal experience of curing her gut (which had escalated to acidity, sinus, allergies, low immunity, joint pains, premature greying weight gain and borderline piles) through shifts in diet and lifestyle gave her a clear mission – to simplify healthy living. Bhavna lives in Dehradun and travels to Delhi, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Goa and the Himalayas to conduct workshops, consults and retreats. Her work and recipes have featured in major dailies such as Mid-Day, Mumbai Mirror, Live Mint, The Times of India, and The Week. She has hosted a health show on Radio One (Mumbai) and has an online cookery Show called ‘Healthy Vegan Cooking with Bhavna Kapoor.'

Do I have to eat only raw for all 3 days?

This is totally up to you. You could go completely raw or commit to 1-2 raw meals a day and pace the challenge out for yourself. ...We will give 3 bonus, cooked, grain-free meals as options. So, you can do 2 raw and 1 cooked meals daily.

What kind of meals/recipes can I expect in the challenge?

We have worked really hard to give you a good variety of tastes and textures which include smoothies, salads, wraps, soups, and desserts. ...You definitely won’t starve in this challenge. In fact, you will be delighted with the possibilities of recipes that are made up of just fruits and vegetables.

How much time do I need to give each day?

You will ideally need 2 hours a day for the 3 days of the challenge - 1 hour for the LIVE call and 1 hour for food preparation. ...Plus, you will get loads of tips during the calls to make meal preps efficient and easy.

Why should I join the group challenge, I think I can do it alone?

It is easier done together than alone! The challenge is quick, simple, and we are here to make it easier ... for you by providing delicious recipes and group support throughout the program.

Is this program for me?

This program is for anyone above 18 years who wants to get healthier. Those on medications for lifestyle diseases need to consult their medical practitioners before signing up. ...
This program is a quick & effective way to get the body to cleanse. The program is very gentle and only for 3 days. If you want to revive your health & push the restart button in your bodies in an easy & time-effective way, this program is ideal for you. So, if you have gone off-track with your healthy eating we will help you bring you back on track.