"Wisdom from the Guru of Nature Cure for self-healing & healthy lifestyle "


Wisdom from the Guru of Nature Cure for self-healing & healthy lifestyle

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10+ hours of Exclusive Curated Video lessons by Dr. Arun Sharma

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Basics & advanced concepts of Nature Cure

Recorded demo of Nature Cure therapies-Hydro, Sun and Air therapy

Disease management by Nature Cure

Heart Disease management by nature

Thyroid care & Diabetes

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Practical Nature Cure + Nature Cure Cooking Course


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What you will learn from this course

The Divine Science of Health

Natural Hygiene emanates from our basic instincts that come to us naturally. It teaches us to listen to our body, listen to nature & get both of them in sync. All living beings have the intelligence to maintain & improve their health, they just need to discover how to do it.

Wonders of Self-Healing

Explore this unique stream of health that relies on your body’s own self-healing powers. Understand the philosophy & basis of natural hygiene.

Cause of All Diseases

The modern system of healthcare has not been able to determine the cause of several diseases. They work on relieving the symptoms. Natural Hygiene explains the real root cause of all diseases & how to eradicate it.

Laws of Nature Cure

Learn the laws of Nature that govern our health, the 10 tenets, the 5 guidelines to a healthy lifestyle & the law of Unity, which makes Natural Hygiene the simplest and most robust healthcare system in the world.

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Learn the Therapies & Practices of Nature Cure

  • 5 Natural Elements For Health Cosmos & all beings are made up of five elements. Nature Cure works with these elements to maintain & boost health, which makes it the most reliable and scientific health system.
  • Ether - Fasting from food allows ‘Life’ to clear the body of all its toxins & burdens, making it healthier. Learn the science of Fasting, types of fasting, stages of fasting & methods of breaking the fast.
  • Air - Unveil the power of air through Pranayama, Breathing Techniques & Air Baths. See how air helps you heal from diseases.
  • Sun - Sunlight regulates the natural rhythms of your body & restores health. Learn the techniques of Sunbathing & Sun therapy.
  • Water - Physical properties of water (temperature & pressure) are used for pain relief & healing in natural hygiene, this practice is called hydrotherapy. Learn its various techniques - Baths & Immersions, Tona & Wet Packs.
  • Earth - It is the origin of all foods. Learn about ‘Positive Foods’, ‘Plant-based Foods, Yogic Classification of Foods - Sattvic, Tamasic & Rajasik

Video Lectures:

1. Manage Lifestyle Diseases with Nature Cure

2. Diabetes & Hypertension | Thyroid & Heart Issues
  • How your diet & lifestyle cause these diseases?
  • Natural Hygiene diet & lifestyle for managing the diseases
  • Practical tips to implement natural lifestyle

Manage Lifestyle Diseases with Nature Cure

1.  Diabetes & Hypertension

2.  Thyroid & Heart Issues

  • How your diet & lifestyle cause these diseases?
  • Natural Hygiene diet & lifestyle for managing the diseases
  • Practical tips to implement natural lifestyle

Nature Cure Practices

3. Fasting 
  • Types of fasting
  • Stages of fasting
  • Methods of breaking fast
4. Hydrotherapy
  • Baths & immersions
  • Tona
  • Wet packs
5. Solar Therapy
  • Sunbathing
  • Sungazing
  • Sun therapy techniques
6. Food & Nutrition
  • Natural Foods 
  • Yogic philosophy of food
  • What, when, how & how much to eat?

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Dr. Arun Sharma

(A Nature Cure Master Teacher & Educator)

A Nature Cure Practitioner, based on the ancient Indian Principles mainly from the Vedic and Vedantic lores.
  • He is fortunate to be born in a family of famous natural hygienists. His grandfather Acharya Lakshman Sarma is renowned as the 'Father of Nature Cure' in India. ( with no medicines and using Food as medicine.. “Unave Marunthu”- Ancient Tamilian Sidhar’s concepts).  More details about Acharya K. Lakshmana Sharma down below in the writeup. 
  • Founding director of the Institute of Mahayoga & Natural Hygiene in New Delhi, India in the year 1982. He later expanded the organization into the International Institute of Mahayoga & Natural Hygiene, when he moved to the USA with his family in 1986.
  • Under the banner of his institute IMANAH, he has conducted many training courses, seminars, National Conferences, and workshops spreading the message of good health through natural means. 
  • He has helped a large number of people who were suffering from serious chronic diseases (Diabetes, BP, Arthritis, Cholestrol, Thyroid, Eczema, Heart Disease, etc..), to return to normal health without using any medicine - simply by adopting the eternal principles of Mahayoga & Natural Hygiene. 

Hear what people are saying


"The webinar was excellent! I learned that following a few simple dietary & lifestyle practices can have a drastic impact on improving one's health. Guri Ji explains everything in a simple and easy to understand format. The program is very well organized by your team, thanks a lot!"

Mona Goel

"The session was quite informative and piqued my interest in natural healing. Natural Hygiene has been practiced for so long by our sages that it doesn't need much validation. 

Dr. Sharma talked about a lot of practices that should be followed by all of us to maintain good health. Those were some of the best take-home messages.


Manu Midha

"Our usual habits are making us move away from nature and thus making our lives completely unhealthy. But attending the webinar was an eye-opener to move towards nature and thereby live a completely healthy life. Thanks to Wellcure and Dr.Arun Sharma for this wonderful initiative."

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