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Intermittent Fasting Challenge

Lose Weight, Balance Hormones, and Revitalize Your Health in A Week!

LIVE Program

13-22 July 2024 | 11 AM (IST) 

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Fasting Period: 15 July - 21 July 2024 (10 AM - 6 PM)

Your Health Coach

By Certified Plant-Based Nutritionist

Anjali Rauthan

  • Masters - Nutrition & Dietetics

  • Natural Health Expert

  • Expert In Clinical Nutrition

Who Can Join?

Anyone who wants to:
  • Lose weight for fitness or health reasons
  • Manage thyroid issues, PCOS, gut health, or skin conditions
  • Start reversing insulin resistance
Perfect for Beginners! Learn how to eat according to Nature’s Cycle without starving yourself. 

Embrace the Benefits:

  • Weight Loss: Burn fat and improve metabolism.
  •  Hormone Balance: Manage PCOS, thyroid, and insulin resistance.
  •  Gut Health: Improve digestion and reduce bloating.
  •  Skin Health: Detoxify your body for clearer skin.
  •  Mental Clarity: Enhance focus and reduce brain fog.
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Myth 1: Intermittent Fasting Means Starving Yourself

Fact: We won’t starve you! You will eat at specific times, to align your eating patterns with natural circadian rhythm.

Transform Your Health in 7 Days - Join The Challenge and Discover the Truth for Yourself!

Program Schedule: LIVE Zoom Session

 Unlock the Secrets of Intermittent Fasting
Session 1: 1 July 2024 | 11 AM (IST)
  • Understanding the Body’s Natural Cycle
  • Starving vs. Fasting: Key Differences
  • The Cycle of Eating and Fasting
  • Introduction to 3 Levels of Fasting

Fasting Period: 15 July - 21 July (Stay Connected on WhatsApp)
Start Your Journey to Better Health
  • Share Meal Pictures
  • Ask Queries
  • Motivate Each Other

Session 2: 22 July 2024 | 6 PM (IST)
Discover the Power of Intermittent Fasting: A Natural Way to Heal Your Body!
  • How to Break a Fast Safely
  • Tips to Continue Fasting
  • Exploring Different Fasting Methods
  • LIVE Q&A and Experience Sharing

Myth 2: Fasting Causes Nutrient Deficiency

Fact: When done correctly, fasting allows for adequate nutrient intake. It's about when you eat, not just what you eat.

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  • 2 LIVE Interactive Sessions
  • Intermittent Fasting Diet Plan
  • "Green Your Life" eBook
  • WhatsApp Group Support
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Myth 3: Fasting is Only for Weight Loss

Fact: While effective for weight loss, it also improves insulin sensitivity, heart health, gut health and reduces inflammation.

Revitalize Your Life with Intermittent Fasting: Join Us and Transform Your Health!


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