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Manage & Control Diabetes
21-Day Lifestyle Transition Plan
Step-by-Step Guidance
Track Your Progress

Working towards a Diabetes-Free India ~ SHARAN

Stabilize blood sugar levels naturally

Reduce medications (under guidance)

Embrace a plant-based, healthy lifestyle

Improve overall health & well being


Program Schedule

Pre-Day 1: Get Ready and Set Goals

Pre-Day 2: Embrace Chance and Clean Out Your Kitchen

Pre-Day 3: Stock Your Kitchen

Day 1: Prepare Your Mind & Learn What to Eat

Day 2: Eat Whole Food

Day 3: Eat Plant-Based Food

Day 4: Quit Dairy Products

Day 5: Interpret Your Test Results and Enjoy Tea Time

Day 6: Create Positive Affirmations and Be Grateful to Your Body

Day 7: Review and Celebrate Week One

Day 8: Create Your Reality and Get Moving

Day 9: Don’t Go Hungry

Day 10: Overcome Addictions and Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Day 11: Just Say No to Processed Food

Day 12: Eat Only When You’re Truly Hungry

Day 13: Reduce Your Stress

Day 14: Evaluate Your Progress

Day 15: Overcome a Plateau with Juice Feasting

Day 16: Eat Mindfully & Adopt Healthy Daily Habits

Day 17: Get Answers to Nutrition Questions

Day 18: Eat Organic and More Raw Food

Day 19: Supplement Vitamins B12 and D

Day 20: Gain Social Support and Inspire Others

Day 21: Develop a Healthy Personality & Take the Next Steps

"Trying to manage diabetes is hard because if you don't there are consequences you'll have to deal with later in life."

- Bryan Adams

Course Fee: INR 4720/-

Action plan for 21 days - Videos & Detailed Instructions

Diet & Lifestyle Day Wise Plan

60 Days Access for Review

Track your Progress

Advice on Way Forward


Step-by-step Guidance

Simple instructions on getting started, shopping & preparing, how to cook, how to check your health parameters & reduce medications.

You Get Full Control

Learn at your own speed. You can view the program content as many times as you like within the period of access.

Heal Holistically

Adopting a healthy lifestyle which helps you to elevate your overall health and well-being, in addition to working on diabetes.

Dr. Nandita Shah

Founder of SHARAN

Dr. Nandita Shah is the Founder of SHARAN, an organization that envisions building a culture of health and promotes disease reversal through food. She has been presenting health workshops in India & abroad for the past 15 years, authored the book Reversing Diabetes in 21 Days that has been an Amazon India #1 bestseller in the field of endocrinology for a few years now. She has also received the prestigious Nari Shakti.

Nandini Gulati

Nandini Gulati, a health coach, public speaker & corporate trainer. She integrates the natural wisdom of the body with the latest scientific findings of nutrition and lifestyle. She is the co-author of Guilt-free Vegan Cookbook, released in 2015. Her passion is to inspire people to adopt healthier habits & become aware of the implications of unhealthy lifestyles on the planet.

Nithya Shanti

Nithya Shanti, an internationally acclaimed teacher of joyful & conscious living, respected spiritual teacher, seminar leader and facilitator, Shanti is committed to sharing practical wisdom teachings for people’s happiness.

Gul & Vinita Malani

“This program is stupendous & certainly not something that you can miss in your lifetime. Whether you are in good health or bad health, you must attend it. She has convinced us that all our acquired diseases are reversible. We are sure now that with her help we can cure them and trek the Himalayas once again like we did when we were younger.”

Divya Dayal

Reversing diabetes in 21 days seemed unbelievable, but after today’s session, and listening to the cases & testimonials, it has reinforced my faith in this miracle and made me believe that I can also be a part of this reversal process.

Paras Nath

I came here because my son has type 1 diabetes. After the webinar, I am very hopeful and convinced that it can be cured

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