Time to Get Healthy & Active

New Year Detox Challenge

Flush Out Toxins From Your Body, Improve Immunity

  • Lose weight
  • Feel more energetic
  • Sleep better
  • Feel calmer
  • Relieve gastric & respiratory issues


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10 Day Natural Detox Program
(E-Learning Program)

Anchal Kapur

(Lifestyle Medicine and Nature Cure Health Coach)

By Wellcure’s Natural Health Coaches

Asha Shivaram

(Nature Cure Educator and Health Coach)

Course Fee: INR 999/-


INR 499/-


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Course Highlights:

  • 10 Health Challenges to be followed for 10 days
  • 1 Bonus Cooking Demo
  • 5 Detox Special Yoga Sessions (Recordings)
  • Many bonus tips
  • Access to healthy recipes
  • Q&A support via Email
  • Course Access for 1-Year
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Post Festivities Detox 

Celebrations can let you slip on your health regime. This program will help you flush out accumulated toxins & lose weight

Step-By-Step Process

Even if you are a newbie to detox, our expert Natural Health Coaches will ease you into this detox journey gradually

Shopping List & Recipes

You will receive a shopping list in advance to prepare you for the detox regimen. Detox recipes will be shared over the 10 days of the program

Bonus Yoga Sessions 

Utilize the cleansing power of Yoga to promote detoxification. Yoga, coupled with the natural detox diet will help you calm your mind & align your body with nature - enabling a boost to your overall well-being

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Expected Results

Better Energy

Improved Focus

Boost Digestion

Calmer Mind

Better Sleep

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Dr. Parameshwari

"I am a breast-feeding mother to a 10-month-old. After the 10-day detox challenge my skin texture has improved, lost 2kgs of weight which I was struggling to shed earlier, learned many new healthy recipes, and eye exercises. Rotating eyes on all sides is a new thing that I have learned, which helps a lot in cleansing eyes. I gained the confidence to be on a fruit diet for a whole day. Thank you, Wellcure." 

Radha, USA

"I participated in the program for the second time.  I really enjoyed the program and came back to participate again a second time. Wellcure provides you resources and tools for a  natural heath cure program in a comfortable setting. I highly recommend Wellcure!"

Meenakshi Misar

“From day 1 of the challenge I started drinking a tea made of turmeric, tulsi leaves, cardamom & jaggery (without adding tea powder). It totally resolved my burping problem"!

Preet Kwatra, Chandigarh

"My wife and I did the program together. I felt energetic and productive during those days. Sleep was more sound, the start of the day was perfect with no fatigue and good bowel movement. Overall this detox was really successful for me as I was able to break the morning tea addiction of my wife".

Frequently Asked Questions

Get Your Questions Answered

Do I need to complete all 10 challenges?

The program is all about detoxifying your body efficiently. The aim is to do all 10 challenges. ...However, you can complete the challenges as per your health goals and physical capacity. Our health coaches will ease you through the whole process.

How does yoga help in detox?

Yoga removes tension, physical impurities, and energy blockages, thereby flushing out toxins and enhancing your health. ...

How many days of course access

Course Access for 1-Year ...

Which foods will I require to quit?

We advise you to abstain from dairy, refined sugar, refined oil, caffeine, alcohol, and smoking for the detox program. ...We will share alternative recipes to replace dairy and sugar in your diet.

Can I drink my morning tea during the challenge?

We would prefer you to not drink it. However, our coaches will guide you in a step-by-step manner....

How will I access the program content?

All the recipes and program content will be shared with you on the WhatsApp group and on the e-learning platform. ... You will be given access to the e-learning program before the start o the program

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